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Apr 21, 2009 02:31 PM

Diamond Jamboree in Irvine?

It has been several months now since this center has opened. Initially it didn't get great reviews, but I think that there are now many new places which have opened there. Is there anything really great in this center?

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  1. I like HMart. Great for getting meats and sides.

    It also has a tofu place that is decent but other than that...negative!

    1. You can also do a search...couple months back there were a lot of discussions about this place.

        1. re: marilees

          Yes, I've never seen such a humongous line to check out at a bakery. And I actually stood in it. Capital Seafood is OK and I heard good things about the new crepe places that opened up. But you're right that as a whole the center is a little disappointing.

        2. There's korean tofu, bibimbap store, korean fried chicken, Guppy House, some uber trendy Japanese fusion place in the corner that's overpriced, and a Capital Seafood. Not worth it to get better food for cheaper within a 15 minute drive in Garden Grove or Buena Park. 85C, the chinese bakery is quite good and H-Mart the Korean mkt is decent for groceries. Otherwise, avoid all else.

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            Totally agree with everyone's comments (except 85 degrees C - I haven't tried anything there so I can't comment on it (they use Partially Hydrogenated Oil for all their Pastries / Breads except the traditional French Bread)). That plaza is not a destination for good dining.