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gluten-free beer

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any pubs around that have gluten-free beer? (and a decent beer selection for our pro-gluten friends?)

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  1. Beerbistro would probably be what you're after. They have the gluten-free La Messagere (sp?) but also a great selection of regular beer both on tap and in bottles. The beer tasting is nice, 3 tastings for $6, I think?

    Beer Bistro
    18 King St. E, Toronto, ON M5C 1C4, CA

    1. C'est What has one, La Messagere. Great selection of other beers too (check out the menu: www.cestwhat.com).

      1. you can also find la messagere at bar volo
        better food at c'est what or beer bistro though
        Also more gluten-free friendly than volo (sandwichs, saucisson without a definitive ingredient list, and pizza do not make a gluten-free friendly menu!)

        1. La Messagere is also available at Mill Street Brewpub (the only non-Mill St beer that they carry), and the Mill Street beers for the pro-gluten folks are quite good. The food there is pretty dire, though.

          Also worth noting that while La Messagere is the only gluten-free beer currently available in Ontario, there will soon be another one: New Grist from Lakefront Brewing in Milwaukee will be available soon at the LCBO in six-packs. It's reportedly better than La Messagere, and will be a couple of bucks cheaper as well.

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            I was hoping that the KGBO would bring New Grist up here. I find La Messengere far too expensive.

          2. The Rhino in Parkdale on Queen St has over 300 beers, a huge patio and BOTH GF beers. When I lived in that area I was there a lot. Food is ok and prices are CHEAP.

            All Bier Market restos have GF Beer

            The Bier Market
            58 The Espl, Toronto, ON M5G, CA

            1. Kensington Cornerstone is a gluten-free place that just opened up - Kensington at Dundas. They serve La Messagere and Lake Front New Grist. Pro-gluten beer choices include Upper Canada Lager & Dark, Mill St. Organic and Anti Gravity Light Ale. The food's not too bad, either.

              Kensington Cornerstone
              2A Kensington Ave, Toronto, ON , CA

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                The food is bad. Literally Just got back. Would start a new thread on this BS experience but couldn't be bothered. Unseasoned burger and a crappy salad with deep fried "pulled pork" was $15 BEFORE TAX! My friend's steak sandwhich had the tiniest amount of meat possible. 2 plates of sandwiches and a cocktail was $43 before the tip. Overpriced bland garbage. The service was arrogant and weird. Would not reccomend this place for the food.

              2. Just so you know, if you are only gluten intolerant and not full blown Celiac, Corona is well tolerated. In fact, I got a reply from Corona to my query, and while officially it is NOT gluten free (because it contains barley) it does meet other standards!! I have been gluten free, am gluten sensitive, and cannot drink beer. Corona is no problem for me! (Please make your own decisions based on your own diagnosis or extent of sensitivity. I am not a doctor, just a gluten free sensitive person happily drinking Corona!)