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Apr 21, 2009 01:57 PM

Jamaican Jerk Center in York, ME?

Has this reopened yet for the season or did they go out of business? Their phone appears to be no longer in service.

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  1. They have been open since, at least, this Thursday as I passed it around 4:00 pm. They were open today as well. Hopefully the number is back in service

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      I had looked forward to trying them on Wednesday but they were outside painting. I guess it'll have to be next time that I drive by.

    2. Is this place any good? I've driven by but could never convice the family to try it.

      1. We went today for the first time and the place is a gem. They are seasonal and will close at the end of October. Tried the jerk pork and jerk chicken and both were very moist, smokey and flavorful. Get there while you can!

        I will also add that this is another one of those posts that will soon get lost in the shuffle. If it were to read "Wild Willies Burgers: York, Maine" or "Flo's Ho Dogs!" you would find a more active discourse. It's a lot like driving past those two establishments on the way to the Jerk Center (both were doing a hopping business) yet the nearby Jamaican place had just a slow trickle of patrons. Yeah, ten bucks may be a bit steep for a small platter of grilled meat, rice and beans and cooked cabbage, but the uniqueness of the product and flavor were well worth the price.

        1. Tried to stop at Flo's since I was in the area. No luck or dogs to be had at 3:04 PM. So we backtracked to the Jamaican place and had a lovely meal of curried goat. An $11 meal split nicely between two people, and the plantains were just right.

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            Bless you, you are one of the few enlightened ones on this board.

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              Yep, this place rocks! Often hit it after Mountain Biking at MT. A.... meat literally falls off the bone on the wings and the curried goat is super... bring a cooler with ice cold Red Stripes and enjoy!