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Apr 21, 2009 01:33 PM

Anniversary dinner in White Plains

Who has an idea for our 10th anniversary dinner out in White Plains? The only two I can come up with are 42 and/or BLT. Has anyone been to either recently? I want something special. Food will trump "scene." We typically eat in NYC but are staying the weekend at the Ritz in Westchester and want to be very local (i.e. no car/driving). thanks a million.

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  1. Skip BLT. If you search this board you can find reviews of the other places. BLT is not a festive place. It is on the ground floor overlooking the busy street corner. And the food is lousy too, IMHO. Way toooooooooooooo much salt.

    1. Mortons Steakhouse is in the Fortunoff's Mall. The Ritz has a free limo service that can drive you or you can walk....Mulinos is excellent for Italian. It is right up the street from The Ritz.

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        Is Mulino's any relation to Il Mulino?

        1. re: lollypop

          God no! Il Mulino is amazing and Mulino is really bad, tacky and overpriced...

          1. re: lollypop

            i agree partially,, mulino mediocre, il mulino slighly better but, not great..thanks

        2. I know I may be the only person ever defending BLT, but judging by their constant crowds I'm not the only one enjoying it. Once again, I will go against the masses and say BLT is great - actually my favorite steak restaurant. In my opinion, it blows Morton's out of the water. The food is great, and it's fun. No, it's not a "romantic" place, but it is very nice inside. Yes, it is expensive, but well worth it to me. As for 42, I wasn't blown away by the food, but the view is INSANE. For me, a great night is to go to 42 for drinks and small bites before heading down to BLT for dinner.

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            Try Soma down the street on Mamaroneck Ave. My spouse had a steak there that was better than the one he had at BLT. Do a search for a thread on it.

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              Forgot about Soma. On Saturday nights they have a band that supposedly attracts an older crowd. I've eaten dinner there and it was very good. The service is lacking though.

          2. via quadronno next to ritz, food is good, the chowhounds will kill it cuz its pricey lolool

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              Gervasis is very good. It's in the old Gregory's location on Central Avenue in White Plains.

            2. I was at 42 in the fall. It is a great view, definitely an evening . Service was excellent , food and views very good. The price was high , but in line for that kind of night.

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              1. re: apples

                42 now has a new lower priced menu. Also offers a small plates menu. Drink prices at the bar have also come down considerably.