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Apr 21, 2009 01:19 PM

Private dining room in burbs

The extended family is coming to town Mother's Day weekend and we're going to need a private dining room for about 20 on Saturday night (5:30 pm). We'll all be in the Plymouth Meeting area but are willing to drive about 15-20 mins. There will be kids involved, so it doesn't have to be true fine dining, but a good meal all around. Entrees in the teens and 20s would be best.

We've had a recommendation for Blue Horse but I know that's gotten some mixed reviews. Has anyone been there lately? We like Scoogi for casual dining, but I feel like we've been there so many times. Anywhere else?


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  1. Blue Bell Inn
    William Penn Inn
    General Lafayette Inn
    Springhouse Tavern

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      1. Unless you keep kosher, I would not eat at Max & David's. It's not very good.

      2. I personally really like Blue Horse Tavern, why dont you go for dinner and give the a try. The atmosphere is really nice too.

        I'd also add that the Drafting Room in Springhouse has a nice private dining area too.

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          2nd the Drafting Room.

          I used to be a regular there, but the service and quality really declined. The fact that I moved away from that area also was part of it. I just moved back to the area and gave the Drafting Room another shot and was pleasantly surprised. The food was excellent as was the service.

          Their wings are as good as anyones, espeically with their inferno sauce on the side (too hot for a full order for me) and I love their chopped Greek salad.

          On the other hand, wouldn't necessarily recommend the Blue Horse. I gave up going there a few months back due to very slow/unattentive service and mediocre food.

          1. re: AmblerGirl

            Savona has a number of private rooms -- the service is very good.