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Apr 21, 2009 01:00 PM

Best Asian Food in North OC?

I'm not familiar with Asian food in North OC? Can someone give me any suggestions? I know there's many good restaurants in Garden Grove and Westminister. My only requirement is it has to be "Asian".

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  1. What type of Asian restaurant?

    1. More specific....Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, etc.....

      1. Well the best north OC Chinese food is in L.A. County in Rowland Heights. I'm not being facetious, merely pointing out that the large Chinese community and the dozens and dozens of authentic Chinese restaurants there sort of pre-empts the north Orange County area. You see the same thing with the proximity to Chinatown resulting in no good Chinese food in Hollywood, Los Feliz, Silver Lake and Glendale, and the slim Chinese pickings in Pasadena due to the nearness of Arcadia, San Gabriel and Monterey Park.;

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        1. re: Chandavkl

          This is really not all that close to the cities he is inquiring about. If i wanted good asian, on a given night in the week, I dont plan on driving 40 minutes to eat.

          1. re: FoodiePastor

            The comment was more as to the lack of decent Chinese in the area, equating north Orange County to the area north of the 91 freeway. When we had out of town friends staying in that area who wanted to meet at a Chinese restaurant, we met them in Rowland Heights.

        2. Do you want hole-in-the-wall or fancier?

          1. It can be any type of Asian restaurant, and I can interpret Asian loosely. It can be fusion too. The only requirement I was given was it had to be "Asian" but I don't think it's a hard, fast rule.
            To answer your question, it can be Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai AND Viet, Malaysian, Hawaiian, maybe even Indian. I just need a good place with good food. Go crazy. More suggestions the better, because I have to plan a few dinner parties.

            DU: I'd like a restaurant that can host at least 10 people. It can be high-end or low-end, as long as the food is good.


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            1. re: SmokeyDoke

              All in the 714:

              Vietnamese: Xanh Bistro, Fountain Valley; S Vietnamese Fine Dining, Westminster; Vien Dong, Garden Grove; Pagolac, Westminster, Tan Cang Newport Seafood, Santa Ana

              Chinese: Mas Islamic Chinese, Anaheim; Furiwa, Garden Grove; King Harbor Seafood, Garden Grove

              Korean: Cham Sut Gol, Garden Grove; Shik Do Rak, Garden Grove

              Thai: Thai Nakorn, Stanton; Bangkok Taste, Santa Ana

              Japanese: Honda-Ya, Tustin; Tsuruhashi, Fountain Valley; Santouka Ramen, Costa Mesa; Haru Izakaya, Tustin

              Indian: Haveli, Tustin

              Malaysian: Tropika, Tustin

              1. re: Das Ubergeek

                Great list DU! I'll add Shin Sen Gumi in Fountain Valley as well.