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What I wish I could find on Cape Cod

1. sweet tea (the real stuff)
2. frozen custard
3.bubble tea
4. all u can eat snow crab dinner

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  1. good mexican food including a real margarita
    chinese delivery
    gas stations open after 10pm

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    1. re: hzp

      Chinese Delivery is readilly available in Hyannis and West Yarmouth.....
      You didn't say where on the Cape you want delivery.

      Likewise gas is available late at the intersection of RTs 6 and 132 all year long.

      1. re: hzp

        The new Mexican restaurant, Burrito Place, is taking the spot once held by the Jamaican restaurant Erie Corona at the Davisville Road lights in East Falmouth. Also Craig's List has a help wanted ad running for a new restaurant to be called Lyric, taking over the old Abbicci location on Route 6A in Yarmouth Port. As fast as they go down some new entrepreneur makes the gamble. All the best.

        1. re: Afar

          I saw that ad as well. Man, it takes guts or insanity to open a restaurant right now...I wish them great luck..

          1. re: Afar

            Burrito Place opened two week ago. A part owner Dick Smith of Smity's Ice Cream. Somewhere close to two decades ago he started his first ice cream shop at this same location. That was followed by a great bakery and sandwich shop that close for personal reasons on the part of the owners. Next the Erie Corona Jamaican restaurant which closed a couple of months ago. Smitty knows how to make this out of sight small mall at the Davisville Road lights work.

        2. #4 available evenings at the Super Buffet opposite the Cove at Yarmouth on RT 28

          1. re: the fried clam issue -- how about really good fried fish, not just good by Cape Cod standards.

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            1. re: hungrycc

              The French bistro across from Sturgis Charter School on Main St. in Hyannis has Gelatto. I think it's Cafe Dolce??

              Agreed on good Mexican. If someone put of a mobile truck with authentic Mexican food, man they would make a fortune..

            2. more restaurants with an ocean view

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              1. re: taddybelle

                Authentic Chinese. Something at least as good as Shangri-La in Belmont. Use of fresh ingredients and homemade sauces - not those out of a gallon plastic jug.

                1. re: Afar

                  Actually, there's quite a bit of Gelato, and some of it is rather good. A new store opened last year just off Main St. Hyannis by two Florentine sisters who's parents own a shop in Firenze. Columbo's also has a decent case in Hyannis.

                  Many gas stations are open until 1 am in Hyannis. Cumberland Farms is one of several.

                  Good Mexican...fuggetaboutit.

                  Authentic Chinese....well Golden Fountain on West Main in Hyannis is close. Mostly Cantonese, however, but far fresher tasting, and with decent sauces, than any others.
                  on Cape.

                  Really good Fried Fish....huh? The Cape has to have some of the best fried fish available in the world so I'm not sure what you find lacking. (unless your a catfish fiend I guess).

                  Ocean View restaurants. This has always been a great mystery to me why so few exist (PTown excluded)

                  Amen on real custard and bubble tea.

                  Great Thread, BTW.

                  1. re: CapeCodGuy

                    I agree CCG, Golden Fountain has good homemade gyoza but the skins are far too thick for this yummie. Other dishes are the best of the Chinese picks. The pork strips are good. But, the Fountain is sooooo far away from Shangri-La.

                    Asia in Mashpee Commons is putting out a worthy effort. Owned by folks from the Peking Palace, Falmouth, they are making every effort to distinguish their restaurant by having a creative and unique menu. The biggest surprise is Asia's sushi chef — a Chinese fellow that worked for 21 years in Taiwan for a Japanese sushi restaurant. He knows the drill well and the sushi side of the menu offerings is taking off. The staff is delightful as are the husband and wife part-owners. Asia also serves Thai and Korean dishes. They have a long sushi bar with full liquor service and big-screen TV. It's worth a visit. Asia is just beginning their second year of business. It's located in the space the Paper Moon tried for a year and before that Jade Chinese. Asia has finally brought style and interesting food to this once tired corner of Mashpee Commons.

                  2. re: Afar

                    For my request I would include Authentic Chinese other than Cantonese. Something fiery would be nice.

                  3. re: taddybelle

                    You want restaurants with a view?..............pick up the May issue of Cape Cod Life magazine.........there is a list of 84 places to eat with a view on Capr Cod and the Islands.

                    1. re: johng58

                      Yes, but if you omit the Islands and Ptown, how many are left? Far too few I'm afraid.

                      1. re: CapeCodGuy

                        Actually, Most ARE on the Cape............There are 19 listed on the Upper Cape..........17 listed onh the Mid cape.............7 listed on Lower cape....................14 listed on the Outer Cape.
                        Marthas Vineyard has16 listed and Nantucket has 11.

                        1. re: johng58

                          Yeah well, a list is a list I guess. But who's on it? I haven't seen it but personally, but on the Mid-Cape , I would never send anybody to to Baxters, The Dockside, Tugboats, Black Cat, Spanky's, Raw Bar, Parkers, Skippy's, Skippers, Captain Parkers, Sundancers, Harbor Point, Anthony's Cummaquid, The Marshside, and Clancy's. (That's 16 of your 17 on the mid-Cape) Sure technically, they all have some sort of waterview. But all serve up uninspired fare that typically preys on the tourist trade or the early bird crowd. I WOULD send someone to Mattakeese Wharf, (only because of the setting, best for cocktails), Ocean House (terrific on all counts), Sesuit Cafe, (what they do they do well, and hey, it's on the jetty!), and 28 Atlantic. (Perhaps the best restaurant on the peninsula.)

                          A Similar critique can be made up or down Cape, excepting PTown.

                  4. I might be unaware of its location on the Cape but I would love a good pizzeria with thin crust pizza. Now we only have pizza when I make it. While that is the best pizza it is a lot of work and not for nights when you just don't feel like cooking.

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                    1. re: AGM_Cape_Cod

                      Ya, AGM, me too. Finally, Wicked Pizza in the Roche Bros. mall in Mashpee. It has a CPK style. Owned by experienced entrepreneurs from H & Kettle-DWI fame. If you don't go early, be prepared to wait up to an hour. The bar is hugely popular.

                      1. re: Afar

                        I am heading that way today. Maybe I will pick up a pie to try. Thanks for the suggestion.

                        1. re: AGM_Cape_Cod

                          AGM...Have you tried Palio's on Main Street in Hyannis? The owner is a young man whose parents own a shop in Sienna Italy. I personally think his pies are the best on Cape. For a super-thin crust you could try any of the Sweet Tomatoes locations (although the Sandwich location is best) They roll the crust out to very thin and have a nice garlicky chunky tomato sauce. It doesn't travel well however so eating it in-store is a must.

                          1. re: AGM_Cape_Cod

                            After more meals of Wicked Pizza, Mashpee, we're having second thoughts. We have now had five different pies. In general, we're finding them loaded with sodium. Yesterday we had the shrimp and beet pizza. We had to gulp water for hours after eating. Way too salty. So, we'll continue our search for a great pizza on the Cape. We'll definitely try Palio's in Hyannis.

                            1. re: Afar

                              I had a couple of slices yesterday at Palios and both the sausage and mushroom, and plain cheese were terrific. Nice chewy and crunchy thin crust. The sauce is good and the cheese of high quality.

                              I had a lol moment though, when I asked the owner if he missed Sienna Italy, and he replied, " Not really, I've never been. I'm from 1500 miles east. From Bulgaria." Funny how rumours spread as I've heard from two differeent people how his folks own a pizza shop in Sienna.

                          2. re: Afar

                            Have been to Wicked twice, very noisy, 8 bucks for a margarita is not a bargain, ordered fried calamari which came overly cooked as did my rare hamburg which came well done. At 7;30 there were many young kids which added to noise factor, I think you can do better despite a write up they received in Globe and Enterprise, there pizzas are good would reccomend take outs is the way to go here.

                            1. re: johnny46

                              j46, I've heard numerous complaints about the unacceptable noise level at Wicked. However, the comments seem to have in common the unfortunate seating at or very near the bar. Was that the case with you or were you seated a good distance away from the bar area? The way I sized up the operation was sale of liquor was income #1. And, they have the ambience to attract that younger crowd that drinks. I don't expect to see any changes in the operation.

                              1. re: Afar

                                Afar, we were at the bar and the younger crowd I refer to were under 12 years old, I'm afraid the pizza will draw birthday party groups as was the case last night, not what we were looking for, we love kids but not when we go out for a quiet dinner, we just being empty nesters after 23 years deserve a break, well stay home next time.

                                1. re: johnny46

                                  Got it & of course, kids parties! The atmosphere and menu are perfect. In the half dozen visits we made to Wicked, it's been a young drinking crowd. We were always seated far from the bar and not bothered by the noise. Your well done rare burger is a surprise. Isn't it rule 1 to bring meat under done and let the diner sample and comment? Under done can always go back but over done, and well, it's over. I believe we'll let the summer pass without returning to Wicked Pizzza. Thanks for your review.

                                  1. re: Afar

                                    are you guys kidding? all of you guys are talking about good pizza on the cape and i haven't seen a single thing about Paul's in Falmouth. It is by far the best pizza I have ever had, the pizzas are small, but they are mouth- watering good

                                    1. re: clippersnation

                                      Yup, clipper got this right. We don't go into Falmouth much from Mashpee for dinning, so, it's been awhile since we had pizza at Paul's. Yes, it is good. I'd like to re-visit soon now that you remind me of Paul's pizza.

                        2. I add four....

                          1) A good sub shop...on par with Bob's in Medford. I still can't find a decent Veal Parm sub anywhere on the Cape.

                          2) A good Italian specialty market with prepared foods...Think Venda Ravioli

                          3) a Good Italian bakery with fresh rounds and scalis daily

                          4) Fresh Pasta and Ravioli (Nata's Noodles comes close but doesn't quite cut it)

                          Come to think of it, all four above could be combined into a single shop!

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                          1. re: CapeCodGuy

                            I like Palio's pizza. Not a huge fan but Ardeo's has thin crust and 2/1 on Tue. Hilltop Pizza in Orleans is great too and thin crust.

                            1. re: CapeCodGuy

                              Sounds like Bob should send his son down to start a franchise!!! We actually do a "Bob's" or Dave's Fresh Pasta run before we head down!

                            2. 1. Middle Eastern food - stuffed grape leaves, spinach pie, moussaka, lamb, falafel
                              2. Good, FRESH Italian pastries, cookies and bread
                              3. An Italian market and produce store (Lambert's just isn't getting it like it used to -- and what's with all the expensive prices?)

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                              1. re: Giuditta

                                1: Middle Eastern at Ardeo in Yarmouth. Not a fan tho.
                                2: Buckie's Biscotti in Dennis village and Dennisport does terrific fresh pastries, cookies, conollies that rival anything in the North End, and of course, biscotti. Share a Lobster Claw pastrie with three friends. They'll thank you.
                                3: Agree on Lamberts, not so cheap anymore and freshness can be lacking.

                                No good italian bread anywhere.

                                1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                  Arturu's old store had great bread..does the new one sell their bread anymore?? I would love a Haymarket Sq. sort of market...Ring Brothers has horrid produce IMHO. I prefer Hart Farm on Upper Co. when they open their fruit and veggie stand. They even sell Iggy's Bread.

                                  I am half Armenian and too am not a fan of Ardeo's but want to be. I do like their Baba Ganoush. We do not love their spinach pies. Their two for one pizza on Tue. is pretty popular.

                                  Their is a Bulgarian food store at Jay Mart on 28 in S. Yarmouth. I buy my kadayif and filo dough, breads and cheese there. A cool place that sells "Middle Eastern" sort of food staples. I go when I cannot get up to Bahnan in Worcester.

                                  1. re: phelana

                                    The Mad Platter in Little Mashpee Commons, next to Bbusters, has good bread. It's used in Chef Ralph's sandwiches, which are good, and sold by the loaf.

                                    1. re: phelana

                                      Artu was selling bread last season, haven't been there since October. It isn't quite as good as it was when Jerry was in charge, nor is "the slice," but still it's an Arturo fix.

                                      Is the Bulgarian store n 28 in S. Yarmouth new? Jay Mart doesn't ring a bell, could you be more specific? Thanks.

                                      1. re: taddybelle

                                        Taddy, I am pretty sure it's a Jay Mart. It is across from the Bass River Pizza strip mall . It is on the right side heading WEST on 28 after Riverway.

                                        1. re: phelana

                                          Thanks for replying, Phelana, we'll be sure to check it out. It's rather amazing how many ethnice restaurants are now in Bass River. But I'm so sorry that Riverway Lobster House is no more after they finally got it right.

                                          1. re: taddybelle

                                            The Riverway hasn't closed. Why do you think it has? It's alive and kickin'!

                                            1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                              I read somewhere in late fall/early winter that the Riverway was for sale/had closed, however I just looked at the Carey Commercial Real Estate site and see that it has not yet sold but is for sale. We had tried it off and on through the years with mixed feelings but like what new owners have done with it and really enoyed it this last year or two. The pub is a great place to watch the Sox and the pub menu very affordable and varied. I'm so glad that it's alive and kickin'! Thank you for the good news, CapeCodGuy.

                                              1. re: taddybelle

                                                We went for the first time in 20 years tonight and I was surprised. Unimpressed to say the least. The Tavern room is nice and the service terrific. But the food, yuck. Granted, we only had apps, and the burgers looked good coming out of the kitchen, but the apps were pretty awful.

                                    2. re: CapeCodGuy

                                      No, Ardeo's doesn't do it for me.
                                      Buckie's isn't bad at all; but it's a drive for me and I make my own biscotti. I miss the great bakery on every corner that I remember growing up.

                                      Roche Brothers tries their best with produce. In summer, the best hope is your own backyard or produce stand. I tried a CSA from Bourne Farm last supper, and I wasn't too happy with it. They're great folks, but the selection wasn't up to other CSA's I've seen.

                                  2. We could also add...

                                    -Good BBQ (dry rub or sauced)
                                    -Southern fried Chicken
                                    -A Quality Steak House (sorry, the new place in Hyannis doesn't qualify)

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                                    1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                      Dave's in Harwich/Dennis (whatever) doesn't really cut it. But, they do have really good baked beans.

                                    2. What I wish I could find on the Cape is........ ME!

                                      I have not spent much time there, but I LOVE it, it reminds me of where we live (Bermuda) but with so much more to offer!

                                      We are making our way back in Oct...we will stay in Hyannis for a couple of nights then make our way over to Martha's Vineyard for the Food and Wine Festival....Can't wait!

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                                      1. re: bermudagourmetgoddess

                                        hmmmm...maybe we should work out a house swap! You'd LOVE the Cape in say.....February!

                                        1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                          Never seen snow, so probably would love it (for a bit)

                                              1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                                i've been. calling it BBQ would be kind.

                                                1. re: hzp

                                                  I agree. Stick with the beans!

                                      2. Search For Good Pizza: Although I think I risk getting called a heretic and I figure anyone thinking I'm a fool can now have the fact confirmed, yet I still want to plunge ahead and say we found good pizza at the fast food court in the Cape Cod Mall. Yup, Pizzeria Regina, the new addition filling the closed up space left by Sabbaro, had long lines tonight while the other four food servers looked on. We can't recall eating more then a couple of times in the Food Court over the uncountable years we've visited the Mall. We walked over to see what all the fuss was about, looked at the variety and apparent quality of the slices offered, ordered and ate. We were satisfied. $9.32, two slices with a bottle of Dasani.

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                                        1. re: Afar

                                          Glad to hear they are open and the pizza is good. Actually, The only thing I missed when Polcari's closed down at the Mall was the Pizzeria Regina franchise they had inside the restaurant. Of course, it's just a shadow of the original in the North End. Must have something to do with that original, and antique, brick oven. Over $9 for 2 slices and a water though, jeesh!

                                          Afar...have you had a slice at Palio's yet to compare?

                                          1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                            I have not CCG but I hope to do Palio without much delay. I do believe we'll eat in the mall fast food court more then once every two decades from now on. My how things change.

                                            1. re: Afar

                                              I went to Palio's and the atmosphere alone makes the place a turn off. When I eat out, I want to be served and at Palio's you have to place your order at a counter like you are at McDonalds. As for the Pizza, it is decent and serviceable but not nearly great. I live in Fairfield, CT and I'm smack dab in the middle of NY and New Haven, so I'm pretty spoiled with my pizza standards, and I rarely find anything on the Cape that I could recommend. Actually, the only pizza on the Cape that I think is worth having comes from the Roo Bar where they make oven fired individual pizzas - - - in addition to some of their good, unique toppings offered on some pies, their basic pizza margherita is the real deal (ie: simple tomato sauce and fresh mozzerella).

                                              1. re: foleyd7

                                                lol...it's a pizza joint! Palio's doesn't pretend to be a full service restaurant, or Bistro, just a basic pizza joint serving up well above average fare. Sure, it doesn't compete with Pepe's, or Modern, or even Sally's in New Haven, but few do anywhere in this country. Of course, New Haven pizza pales to what can be found on virtually any street corner in Naples, Italy.

                                                Oh, and Roo Bar went out of business last year.

                                                1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                                  Roo Bar's website is still up and running and indicates locations in Plymouth and Falmouth. Did all those close as well? Or was it just the Hyannis and Chatham locations that closed?

                                                  1. re: foleyd7

                                                    I'm pretty sure Roo Falmouth remains open. I don't know about Plymouth.

                                                    1. re: foleyd7

                                                      That's correct, I believe it was only Hyannis and Chatham that went out of business. I always found that the different locations were like night and day, they almost seemed like different ownership. Kinda like Pizza by Evan.

                                                      1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                                        The Roobars were one business until about 5-6 years ago. The partners divided the locations so there was no longer any joint ownership of any location, although they kept common name, website, and gift cards. Rumor had it that one partner's repeated dalliances with employees were considered to be too risky to the overall business.

                                                        I believe that Falmouth has always seemed the most upscale and had the best food. Hyannis had an excellent bar; it was bought in late 2007 by the owner of the Pavilion (indian place across the street), who seemed to have no grasp of how to run it as a bar or as a restaurant. It closed without notice a few months ago, and is supposedly reopening soon.

                                                        Related news: The people who ran the Hyannis Roobar in its heyday have opened Pearl, on Wellfleet Harbor. Chef used to be at Mahoney's Atlantic in Orleans - not sure if that's good or bad (any comments?). It looks just beautiful -- exactly what a place on the water should look like.

                                                        Re: Lambert's -- I agree with CC Guy. New option: The new Guaranteed Fresh Market on Rte 28 near the airport has good produce and great prices.

                                                        Re: Thin crust pizza: I do like Sweet Tomatoes, especially their roasted peppers, but their pizza is almost too thin -- it is wet and floppy in the middle.

                                                        Re: Thin Crust Pizza: Try Siena in Mashpee, especially their most basic pizza, just cheese, chunky tomato, basil leaves. A bit charred at the edges, crispy all the way through. Classically excellent.

                                                        1. re: dancer

                                                          Which Sweet Tomatoes? I find them all quite a bit different, although it's the same type of pizza preperation. Personally, I like Sandwich best, and by quite a bit.

                                                          1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                                            Never been to sandwich. I have been going to Osterville for 9+ years. that plus Fancy's/Swift's add up to 99% of the trips I've ever made to that village.

                                                            1. re: dancer

                                                              Just went to Guaranteed Fresh today for my first visit. Wow, Campari Tomatoes, 1.99. Granny Smiths, .99 a pound...super prices. Not too appealing for shopping but certainly a great option. I went to Trader Joes as well to get Arugula and pizza dough (flatbread pizza on the grill tonight) and could NOT believe the traffic. Glad I am heading out of Dodge soon for the summer.

                                                          2. re: dancer

                                                            Re: Peal, wellfleet harbor,
                                                            We had dinner there last sunday night, food was great but the noise level was so bad, it really made the meal less enjoyable. I don't know what they can do to fix the problem. Will try again because of the quality food was excellent they put a different spin on old favorites.