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Apr 21, 2009 12:59 PM

returning to Houston after 20 years

Will be in Houston next week on business. I lived there in the early eighties. Need suggestions for great Tex-Mex, tacos al pastor, and puffy tacos if they're still around. Also can't wait for the beef fajitas. I appreciate any help I can get, as time is limited, I can't afford mediocrity!

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  1. Beef fajitas at El Tiempo. Also the chicken fajitas at El Tiempo are awesome and the only place I would even consider ordering chicken over beef.

    No puffy tacos that I know of in town...I wish there were.

    Al Pastor is just not what I come to expect so i don't order it really.

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      I'll second El Tiempo, and I've never seen puffy tacos in Houston. Perhaps you could be thinking of the crispy shell tacos that all Tex-Mex places serve. Tacos al pastor I get at taco trucks.

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        I recently found out that Lupe Tortillas has puffy tacos. You won't see them on the on line menu, but if you download the to-go menu, they are there. They also have them at Amazon Grill, and at Los Tios they have a Stuffed puffy queso, which sounds like a puffy taco when you read the description. I read on another forum that if you request a puffy taco at Los Tios they will make it for you, but I don't know that to be a fact.

        I like the al pastor meat at Tacquerias Arandas. I have had it in a torta before and it was very good. I've tried tacos al pastor at other places, but didn't like them. I think a taco truck would be the best bet, as James said.

    2. Hello,

      Glad you could make it back. Hope you enjoy your meals here. You may find this topic thread helpful. Lots of Chowhounds offer their opinions on Houston's best fajitas. Here is the link:

      I tend to favor the fajitas at Goode Comapny's Taqueria on Kirby Dr. since the flavor is more beefy than tangy, resulting from an overly-powerful marinade. I think La Mexicana on Fairview St. in The Montrose (77006) has delicious pork tacos. We order tacos al pastor & tacos carnitas guisadas from their steam table often. Don't really know about the rest of their menu though b/c we are always pressed for time. We just grab hot tacos and go.

      As for old-school Tex-Mex, you may want to check out this article written by one of Houston’s Tex-Mex experts, Rob Walsh: http://www.houstonpress.com/2007-06-2...

      Unfortunately, I get my old-school Tex-Mex fix in Dallas (I am obligated to travel there often) so I cannot help much with Houston recommendations. Sorry. I’m sure the other Chowhounds will be glad to assist in that area.

      If you are interested in eating some food that leans more towards Mex-Mex, do yourself a favor and try La Guadalupana Café and Bakery at 2109 Dunlavy. It is a small, no frills, family-operated place, but don’t let its modest appearance fool you – the food is seriously good and fresh. If I could only order one thing there, I would order the Chilaquiles in green sauce topped with two fried eggs. It is heaven! You will become addicted.

      Have fun eating!

      1. For puffy taco's: Los Tios serves up delicious ones.

        Spanish Village, on Almeda, has some of the best Tex-Mex in Houston. Spanish Village is an institution unto itself having been here since the 1950's (or 40's?). They have great cheese enchiladas.

        I agree with the recommendations of El Tiempo. Everything I've had there has been excellent.

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          If you do go to El Tiempo try the combo of beef fajita and quail - so good!