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Food with crab in it. Need Recs

I am currently writing an article for Baltimore Metromix on crab related foods and would like to know of any restaurants/ bars/ cafes that have unique crab items on their menus (i.e crab ball, crab fluff, crab cakes, stuffed mushrooms etc.). Its a relatively open article and I would like to cover some interesting dishes. There are people who read this board that have been to place I haven't been yet. If anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate the suggestions.

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  1. Jerry's Crab Bomb. Pretty much nothing but crab. Located in Lanham, Md.

    1. Edgewater Restaurant on Mayo Rd., off Rt 2 a couple of miles south of Annapolis. Best crab cake anywhere. It's a throwback to Anne arundel Co. in the 50's and 60's, the recipe hasn't changed.

      1. O'Donnell's Seafood Restaurant in Gaithersburg has Norfolk-style jumbo lump crab which is sauteed in butter and drizzled with tarragon vinegar.

        The crab imperial at The Prime Rib in DC is an unbelievable way to start any meal there.

        1. Crab omelet, w/ white cheese, dusted w/Old Bay, at Bayside Skillet, OC.

          1. I remember some interesting crab items on the Carroll's Creek menu last summer. I can't remember exactly what we ordered but I think one dish had an almost latin and asian flavor to it.

            1. Pierpoints on Aliceanna Street for the smoked crabcake!

              1. Dutch's Daughter, Frederick, MD Sunday Brunch with various crab items on it (Crab Dip, Crab Soup, Crab Omelet's the last time I was there)

                1. Al Pacino's has a wonderful crab pizza.

                  1. The Dogwood has crab stuffed-baked oysters, using Choptank Sweets oysters and Louisiana crabmeat.

                    1. They all sound really good. I am trying to keep it within the Baltimore Metropolitan area though. Keep em' coming if you can think of anything else. I really appreciate this help everyone.

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                        There's the infamous crab pretzel at Bill Bateman's Bistros.

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                          I thought Bill Bateman's just sells the Phillip's crab pretzel, but looking at their menu, I might be wrong. The Silver Spring Mining Company has a fantastic crab pretzel.

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                          The MD Corn and Crab Dog at Diamondback Tavern

                        3. Of course there is the crab cakes at Faidley's in Lexington Market and at G and M in Linthicum.
                          the crab imperial stuffed rockfish at The Prime Rib is outstanding. Your next article should be the thousands of horrendous crab dishes that area restaurants put out. Being a native Baltimorean now in DC area I am extremely critical of the crab dishes most places serve. Also great is the crab bisque at the Olney Grille in Olney

                          1. Thanks again everyone, I'll post a link to the article when it comes out.

                            1. So the article came out the other day. Here it is:


                              Thanks for all of the help everyone. Hope you enjoy it.

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                                thanks... Pretty good article... one objection... what's with the picture of steamed crabs with PBR? Now I like PBR, and I would hate to admit to the amount of PBR consumed in my lifetime... BUT HEY! Natty Boh is the only beer that should be shown with crabs in an article about Bal'mer! (Even if Natty Boh hasn't been brewed here in decades). PS Gunther's or Arrow 77 would be even better.. hint to a marketteer.

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                                  Well, that is what I was drinking at the time, so it went into a couple of the pics that I took. My editor chose that one. That same piece just ran today in B magazine as the main article. That was a nice surprise.