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Apr 21, 2009 12:00 PM

Burma Superstar, Oakland

Now open. 4721 Telegraph, (510) 652-2900.

Lunch 11-3:30, dinner 5-9:30 (10 Fri.-Sat.), closed Mondays.

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  1. What do you recommend for lunch for first timers?

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    1. re: sydthekyd

      Samusa soup and tea leaf salad are the two dishes I always order.

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      1. The branch in Alameda still open, right? I remember reading somewhere that it might be closing (or moving to Oakland), but that might be an old rumor.

        1. Ate dinner there tonight. We got the samusas, which were okay but just okay. The famous tea saoad had cruchy bits so hard our teeth seemed in peril. And then every entree we got: eggplant, with garlic sauce, lamb kebat, superstar noodles, and superstar shrimp all tasted basically the same except the noodles came chilled and the onions in the shrimp were fried in a little tamarind and so were caramelized. The shrimp tasted a little too much of shrimp--I think they had been previously frozen. We looked at the people lining up to get in and someone said, "Look at that, they're coming in droves like the place is actually good!" I think this is an "Emperor's clothes" situation--reputation superceding personal judgment. Nan Yang is about 1000 x more creative, distinctive and downright better.

          1. We had lunch there yesterday. The spicy stir-fried lamb (ordered with maximum spice) was new to me and good.

            Samusa soup was good though I prefer Larkin Express's.

            I think Larkin Express has spoiled me for Burma Superstar's tea leaf salad, I prefer shredded cabbage to lettuce and I think all their other ingredients are superior.

            Nice room, nicest space of the three branches.

            Prices are a lot higher than LE's. I think the tea leaf salad was $9 vs. LE's $5.50.