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Apr 21, 2009 11:21 AM

Best Peking Duck in Toronto?

Hello out there! I am fairly new to Toronto and was looking to take a few friends out for Peking Duck (they all have never tried it) and was looking for recommendations in and around the GTA Area. We have a car and wouldn't mind heading out of the core into Markham or Richmond Hill, but if there are any decent places downtown-ish, we'd be all ears.

(I have been, however, to Lai Wah Heen for theirs and it wasn't too bad at all. Just didn't like the fact that I was paying more for the service than the duck)


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  1. Ambassador in Richmond Hill. Their peking duck is excellent.

    I'm trying to find a place downtown too. The only place that had good peking duck downtown closed, King's Garden (I think that was the name - next to the theatres on King W). If you find anything, let us know.

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        Thanks for the recommendation. I looked the place up and found a 50% off coupon for the Peking Duck that expires May 31, 2009.....

        1. re: dimsumyum

          Whoa I ddn't know there were coupons at 3 course prix fixe for 2 ppl at 5th element for 30 bucks until apr 30!

          1. re: dimsumyum

            if you look closely, it says 50% of a peking duck... haha... they can legally just give you half a duck for full price now.

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              I actually took advantage of this coupon a couple of months ago. When you order, just show it to them and they will take care of the bill.

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              We've had duck at Ambassador dozens of times, and it's always good.If you need more pancakes or scallions, all you have to do is ask. The white glove service, and the fact the waiter prepares the first serving for everyone is also quite elegant. Whenever we bring friends who've never had Peking Duck, they are invariably blown away by the experience.

          2. Peking Man on Sheppard near Leslie is pretty good, it's their specialty.

            For downtown I would go to Peter's Chung King on College just west of Spadina. Also see

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              Peking Man? Wow, that's good to know. I've never dined there thinking it was the typical sweet & sour, lemon chicken type of Chinese restaurant.

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                Yeah it's a stupid name, but a friend who ate there recently confirmed that their duck is better than the downtown versions.

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                  I've had the duck at Peking Man and it is very good. For the meat not served with the pancakes, there's an option of a duck stir fry or minced duck meat served with lettuce leaves for wrapping. Both are great.

                  I've also had some wonderful Peking and Sichuan dishes there, including a delicious, and very spicy, hotpot.

                  Two menus are distributed to guests. One lists the usual suspects, as seen on their online menu ; the other has more varied, and interesting, choices.

                  Service has always been very professional and friendly.

                  1. re: Tatai

                    agree on the comments above about Peking Man. although i have noticed some variation in the quality of the wraps for the peking duck (they are the thin kind, not the thicker bready ones), i've also enjoyed some of their other dishes like the green onion pancake. there's definitely some hit and miss items, but if you're going for the duck, it should be fine.

                    1. re: Tatai

                      Really? I might to go try this again. The last time I was there (albeit a couple of years ago), the duck was horrendous. The skin was bright red and left a red stain on my plate. it was also way too crispy (almost crispy like a chip)..

                2. re: Teep

                  We tried to go to Peter's Chung King specifically for Peking Duck some months ago. We were told you need to order 24 hours in advance because they have to bring it in?!

                  1. re: Delish

                    Hmm, last time I was there (last year) they just needed half an hour.

                3. I have had excellent peking duck at Ruby's in Scarborough. Check to see if there is a banquet booked as this is a popular place for Chinese weddings. Service can be little cheeky sometimes.

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                    I would second Ruby's. Their price is very reasonable as well. Check their English menu for Peking Duck set menus (meal that includes Peking duck plus a selection of 2 or 3 other dishes to round out a meal at around $40-50).

                    They recently changed their BBQ Duck formula and it's amazing. The skin is the most crisp of any ducks I have tried in Toronto by far. I am not sure what they changed, but it's good and I hope they keep it up.

                    Peking Duck
                    Peking Duck Skins:

                    This was most of the meal for 3 and it was $60:

                      1. re: dimsumyum

                        North West Corner of Finch and McCowan. I like to Dim Sum there... not the best, but a nice atmosphere

                  2. Any comments LWH/LTH? Granted their specialty is cantonese, but I would think they would still want /need to master this dish since it is so popular.

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                      I really enjoyed the admittedly pricey Peking Duck at LWH and wrote about it the last time this question was asked:

                    2. There are many facets to consider that together as a whole determines whether a Peking duck is just average, good or excellent. In addition to the degree of crispiness of the skin, the flavour of the meat ( a function of how long the duck has been seasoned ), the size, quality and fluffiness of the pancakes, the quality of the condiments especially that of the Hoi Sin sauce, even how the duck is carved can make a difference. In the past, one would find good quality Peking duck only in restaurants serving 'Northern style Chinese Cuisine'.ie Pekingnese or Shanghainese. However, nowadays, quite a number of restaurants, including Cantonese ones manage to produce some excellent ones. In addition to Ambassador mentioned by a couple of fellow CHers, a number of notable ones in the Markham / Richmond Hill area with similar or better quality include, John Chinese B-B-Q , Yang's, Emperor, Casa Victoria and Casa Imperial, Regal16, TaiHowKee and Regent. A number of them would require advance ordering. Of all the excellent ones mentioned in the above list, the one stand out was Yang's version. For comparison and evaluation, I tend to use the ones I had in Hong Kong recently as reference!