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Apr 21, 2009 11:20 AM

1st Wedding Anniversary in Martha's Vineyard

Hello All! My husband and I are getting ready to celebrate our first wedding anniversary at the end of May. We are staying at the Mansion House in Martha's Vineyard and won't have a car while we are here. Does anyone have any recommendations for romantic places to dine? Maybe on the water with a nice view? I've never been here before and am really looking forward to it. I've heard Lola, the Park Corner Bistro, Balance, and Detente are great but don't know where they are in relation to where we are staying. As far as price goes, we haven't really thought about it. We want a nice dinner on this special night, but don't want to go too overboard either.

Thanks for the suggestions in advance. :)

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  1. Hey Jenn. None of the places you mention are near you and Lola's has closed. Park Corner and Balance are in Oak Bluffs and Detente in Edgartown. Mansion House has a restaurant, but it gets mixed reviews from my circle of friends. Fortunately, 2 of MV's best are within a short walk of Mansion House. Le Grenier is not on the water, but regularly gets great reviews and is very romantic. First rate food and chef/owner Dupin is almost always there to watch over things. Wait staff are personally trained by him as well. Meditteranean is also wonderful and on Vineyard Haven harbor, but be sure to ask for a water view when you reserve. The food is great and desserts are amazing (one is simply called "Chocolate." Again, the owners are right there and often come out to chat w the diners. I have eaten at both numerous times and almost always come away very satisfied with the entire experience. A more rustic alternative is Black Dog Tavern, (also on the harbor) perhaps MVI's most famous restaurant. They have had their ups and downs lately, but seem to be making a small comeback,. Better to just go for their their excellent breakfast ( Art Cliff Diner is even better!) Now we just have to get Cafe Moxie up and running again and Vineyard Haven's culinary scene will be complete! Enjoy.

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      Looks like Mediterranean moved to Oak Bluffs, no longer on the water...

    2. Le Grenier is a stone's throw from Mansion House. You can walk there in five minutes. It's a favorite or ours. It's also BYOB. While not on the water, it's on the second floor tucked in among branches like a lovely tree house. Vineyard Haven Harbor is just down the hill. Happy Anniversary!

      1. Thanks everyone! These are some great recommendations, I will be sure to try one of them out... Or maybe a few since breakfast is one of our favorite meals. :) Thanks again, have a great weekend!

        1. Right GT. In fact, I believe Mediterranean took over Lola's old spot. I was hoping they would open a new place there. Oh well.

          1. A few random comments from an islander. There are many options on the island at that time of year, but please do not go to the Black Dog for your romantic evening of dining while celebrating an anniversary. No.

            Keep in mind that the Vineyard is going to be expensive, but there are several really fine places all over the island. While your hotel is in Vineyard Haven, it is quite easy to get to Oak Bluffs or Edgartown on the VTA (inexpensive buses- very clean and nice) or by taxi (very expensive!). Mediterranean just moved to its new location (the old Lola's, as mentioned) and I have not been yet but it should continue to be an exciting place with a terrific menu as they have kept the same chef/staff. The space is much bigger than their old spot so we hope it retains its charm and intimate feeling. I'd also like to recommend that you consider Sweet Life in Oak Bluffs for a romantic meal, especially if the weather is nice enough for dining in the garden. Balance is trendy and large, and it can be loud. Some people love the food and others hate it.....It's fun if you like that kind of scene, but not what I'd call especially romantic. Also, don't forget that Vineyard Haven is still a dry town so if you decide to celebrate your anniversary with some champagne, you'll need to bring your own if you stay in town. From your hotel, you can also walk to the Net Result, which is just past the Art Cliff Diner, and get some yummy seafood treat for lunch. They have all kinds of things made to order, including sushi, lobster rolls, fish and chips and sandwiches. It's not a restaurant- you need to sit at a picnic bench outside or bring it back to your hotel- or to the beach....But very good if you are a fish lover.

            Le Grenier is a very nice French restaurant but tends to be a bit dowdy all around. The food is good- rich sauces are a specialty- and it is quaint, but they need to freshen the place up. If you like escargot, duck or filet, prepared in a traditional French manner, this is your place.

            Have fun.

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              Wow, thanks for all the info. I really appreciate it! By chance have you (or anyone else) ever been to Alchemy or Chesca's in Edgartown?

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                Yes, I have been to both. If you have any questions about them, just ask. Looks like there's some breaking MV restaurant news right now which I will pass on to you shortly. Being such a seasonal place, change is inevitable.

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                  So the news from the island (about the places already mentioned above) is that Park Corner Bistro has new owners, a brand new menu, but the same the same chef. They have evidently remodeled the interior, as well, expanding the bar area. Balance seems to be history. New owners still working things out. It's such a seasonal place- keep checking back and people will update as they venture around, trying the new spaces and menus.

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                    What do you know about those two restaurants? Any good? Thanks for all the great info!!

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                      I've been to Alchemy a few times and loved everything about it. Only been to Chesca's once, it was good, but I haven't been in years.
                      You should check out
                      You can get info about the entire island and can link from there to the VTA schedule. You'll save a fortune using the bus instead of taxis.
                      Oh, and Happy Anniversary! My wife and I honeymooned on the Vineyard and have returned every year for our anniversary. 16 so far.
                      Alchemy is our favorite fancy place. Last year we ate at the Oyster Bar and had an excellent meal. Fresh oysters and a fantastic flat-iron steak. I cannot recommend The Art Cliff diner enough. It really is the kind of place that is a true gem. Great food done creatively. Breakfast is delicious.
                      Definitely try to see the rest of the island. It's a lot bigger than most think.

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                        Just heard that the space which used to house Balance (and before that, The Game Room, an arcade) is going to be an Irish Pub but they have not opened yet. There's so much changing right now....Keep checking in. Memorial Day is when MV really bursts out on every level.