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Apr 21, 2009 11:19 AM

Noodletown-what happened?

Just got back from lunch. New waiters, new cashier lady and bad food. 75% of the tables were empty. Anybody know what's up? I'm thinking the worst....

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  1. Can someone who's been to Great NY Noodletown since the 21st please comment? This report is very worrisome. I'd love it if someone could either allay my fears or confirm that the, um, excrement has hit the fan.

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    1. re: Pan

      I'll probably go one of these days. 2 visits ago there was a new lady at the register but the last time (about 3 weeks ago?) we saw again one of the regular ladies. They might have new waiters but the older ones were still there. No problems with the quality of food.
      Anyway, I'll report back a.s.a.p.

      1. re: RedVelvet

        Can't wait to hear about your experience. My food was, literally, inedible- the pea shoots couldn't be cut nor chewed. The salt baked shrimp tasted off.--shrimp were mushy. The duck I ordered, that I've ordered countless times, didn't taste anything like the way I had it before.

        1. re: howboy

          We went on sunday night and all was as usual. One of the regular ladies at the register (the tiny one), 3 out of 4 waiters the guys that I always see there.
          We had the shrimp wonton & the duck and wonton soups, beef with flowering chives, singapore mei fun, eggplant on rice and salt baked seafood combo. I though the salt baked scallops were a bit off ( it happened before, once with shrimp and once also with the scallops - but, % wise I'd say this happens once in a blue moon).
          I'm truly sorry about your bad experience, I can imagine how disappointed you must feel. Maybe they have different personnel at lunch? another cook?
          I hope it was just a one time off day for them, it would be very sad to loose NYNt as we know it.

          1. re: RedVelvet

            Thanks for the coworkers and I go to NYN for lunch and would really miss it. Plus, it's always been so damn dependable.

            1. re: howboy

              I was at Noodletown on Tuesday and had roast pork, roast duck and ribs. All was as excellent, as was the soup. I don't go enough to recognize faces but everything seemed the same.

    2. try roasted delights for meats and new wonton garden for soups

      1. I went for dinner tonight around 6 o'clock. Exact same personnel, and the food - beef stew lo mein and a side of Chinese vegetables with oyster sauce - was exactly the same. Nothing has changed.

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        1. re: Pan

          hmmm, not trying to dis the OP (as perhaps he went on a very very off day), but i'm happy to hear that this post is shaping up as a false alarm...

        2. ny noodletown will always be a manhattan chiantown landmark

          1. Went a week ago with the kids on a recommendation from this board. Got there around 10am. About 4 tables of chinese families few non chinese and us. about half full. Service very surly.

            Food. Had rice noodle soup (wide noodle) with pig. 5 other bowls of thin egg noodle with duck, pork, HK shrimp dumplings, veggie. They were all excellent. The roast meats were very good (better/richer flavor than the stuff I get around DC, really love the duck) and the soup was really rich and flavorful.

            I wish the serving size were bigger. I had two bowls and so did my 7 year old. Price is certainly right.

            Will be back the next time I'm in NY.

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            1. re: Soup

              glad you enjoyed

              next time, you might also try the seabass pieces w/ flowering chives, and the salt-baked squid

              1. re: Simon

                so glad to hear this....I go quite often and always get the same three dishes...last time I went, they were ALL off. Maybe it was just an off day.Actually, the waiters (none of whom were there) don't even ask for my order, they just bring me my usual dishes...but they were gone too. MUST return and satisfy my salt bake lust.

                1. re: howboy

                  The last few times I was there the food was dicey-hit or miss. Some good dishes, others forgetful.