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Apr 21, 2009 11:19 AM

Santa Fe for 5 action Packed Days

Hello all...

My family of four downeast New Englandah's are making there way to Santa Fe for a wedding and turning it into a 5 day vacation. We were looking for a some recommendations. We are a pretty adventurous group (our 9 and 11 year olds will try anything) and my wife and I are definitely foodies willing to experiment. Because we will be in Santa Fe for 5 full days we will have a lot of time for exploring (we will have a car and a GPS). The wedding is a Sunday affair at the end of May and we are arriving on Wed. We think we will need 4 dinners, 5 lunches and maybe a few breakfasts if we can motivate beyond whatever the hotel is willing to feed us. We were hoping to do some fine dining as well as some "normal" people places (as my 9 year old says). I know we are asking for a wide range of opinions and options but it is 5 weeks out and I have to obsess on might as well be vacation food! Thanks in advance.

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  1. We love Santa Fe! On every trip, we have to stop at two favorites: Tia Sophia's (close to the plaza) for lunch and Maria's (a short car drive from the center of town) for dinner. Tia Sophia's is always packed, it is wonderfully welcoming to children (supplying a bookshelf of favorites to keep them entertained), and it has great lunch specials. You just can't go wrong with a stuffed sopapilla (my favorite). Maria's is another great and very popular destination. You can watch tortillas being made in the corner of the restaurant and the margaritas are the best I've every had... in fact, that's the recipe that we use at home now. Can you tell that I have children? These are both kid-friendly places that are a treat for the adults in the crowd. Load up on sopapillas while you are in Santa Fe - just squirt a little honey in them and eat them before your meal to "coat your throat" for the hot chile that will inevitably follow.

    Pasqual's is more expensive but innovative in a delicious way. Although we usually save our calories for lunch and dinner, they have a reputation for serving great breakfasts and are on my "to do" list.

    Having come from New England originally, I'll warn you about the altitude - it may make you feel light-headed; you will definitely burn faster in the sun; and alcohol will affect you more than usual. So, take it easy and enjoy!

    1. Tapas at El Meson are good and they have live music most evenings.