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Apr 21, 2009 11:18 AM

Salute Wine Festival?????

Taking place May 4th to 9th . A couple events look interesting but not getting any response from organizers. Has this replaced Sante Wine Festival????

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  1. If the commercials on the Food Network are any indication, I get the impression this "rebranding" of the Sante festival is to try to lure in people who didn't agree with the prices Sante used to demand; the commercials seem to stress "affordable" and "for everybody" which suggests/admits that its predecessor Sante was not.

    My opinion is, any Toronto wine event (Gourmet Food and Wine Expo being the worst offender, and Wine and Cheese Show isn't far off) is a ripoff since they're all handcuffed by the monopolistic LCBO, and then the organizers tack on exhorbitant markups on top of those already inflated monopoly prices (after you already forked over an exhorbitant admission charge -- "I pay you for the privilege of being gouged further by you..." amazing)

    On principle I don't spend one cent with the LCBO directly or indirectly, I never order wine at restaurants here, never step foot in any LCBO, throw all LCBO junk mail (and I get a lot) in the blue box. I frequently go to the U.S. on business which gives me plenty of opportunity to bring back wines and liquors at correct (i.e. competitively priced, market driven) prices. Hello Trader Joe's! (I wish they put one in Buffalo!)

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    1. re: TexSquared

      Well said. And couldn't agree with you more. I travel to U.S. alot too and recently purchased a Hess Collection Cab for $10 cheaper in U.S. than at LCBO.

      This sounds like such an ODD event:

      Have you seen the wineries associated? Where's California?

      And the chefs? The chef/cook from the Auld Spot? The pub on Danforth? Seriously? He may be great, but isn't that like getting the chef from Firkin or something? (oh look, they're a sponsor, so of course their cook gets in). Then Lynn Crawford and Michael St├Ądtlander?

      And then you look under Event Ownership and see Prince Edward County and the Wines of Argentina? Does this mean that they are the ones putting on this event? Weird.

      I'm surprised Globe & Mail and CityBites are sponsors of this, I thought they were way more discerning.

    2. Did you see the prices? 175 bucks for a meal at Truffles just because some FoodNetwork tart is going to be there?!

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      1. re: graydyn

        Yes. Very funny since their own press talks about it suiting "any budget", yet when you look at the prices, they range from $175, $200, $79, etc.

        Is this event to promote Prince Edward County? If not, I am just confused about the focus.