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Apr 21, 2009 11:08 AM

Seriously gross lunch at Pickle Barrel Y&E

Just back from an appalling lunch at the Y&E Pickle Barrel.

Had a chichen and hummus wrap which was billed as one of their healthy choices. It came with a salad which looked like an amalgam of those bagged salads. Some of the greenery had started to break down and was black. Accompanying lunch was a skewer of melon (water, honeydew and musk) all three pieces were seriously past it and inedible.

The wrap had been grilled which gave it this odd, burnt cardboard texture.

I've been to the PB at Sherway and had similar experience (why go back you say?).

Rock bottom.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Am I supposed to be shocked by this. The 20 page menu should have been the giveaway.

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      1. re: mlukan

        this is a valid point.

        sent an email to head office voicing my displeasure

        1. re: Vern Ryerse

          Well, let us know if you hear anything. I, too, had a similarly disappointing meal at that PB a couple of years ago and got nothing in reply to my e-mail. Not even a coupon that would have ended up in the garbage anyway.

        2. re: mlukan

          Don't even get me started. I feel the same way about Spring Rolls. What are you supposed to order when there are literally a hundred different options, and NO specials?? And then your order arrives 10 minutes after you've placed it. Yuck, it creeps me out! I just have a deep distrust for places that try to cater to everyone, and usually end up doing everything badly with ingredients that are past their prime.

          1. re: mlukan

            Not the smell of rancid oil coming from their exhaust outside?

            1. re: eller

              Pretty much everything about this place is anti chow.

          2. I enjoy the Butternut Squash soup and the Pickerel Fillet. Nothing special but solid.

            1. Pickle Barrel is just gross. I have fond memories as a child going there with the family and being so excited to break into that warm pumpernickle round loaf they would give you. Slathered in real butter, it was better than the actual meal. Even then, I recall our meal was usually a deli sandwich of some sort with coleslaw and pickle. Too bad. They changed a great thing and made it mediocre. Which is equally why I'm not excited for Rose Reisman's 'Glow' to move into the new Don Mills Shops.

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              1. re: FoodyGirly

                I have to agree with FoodyGirly. I also have fond memories of PB ,a stellar deli operated by Jerry Weisblatt ( Jerry is the father of Mel of Mel's deli & son of Fat Art ). I used to go for their breaded chicken wings ( no longer on the menu ) and their beef knish with gravy ( Knish by Nortown foods ) no longer on the menu and their really good house made corned beef sandwich ( now way less than mediocre ) It is too bad that they really don't give a damn any more. I will never go back!

              2. I've had a problem with them since I went into that location and asked for a tuna wrap, but with no mayo. The waiter informed me the wraps were pre-made the day before so I couldn't get my request filled (ummm ew...tuna wrap already made the day before?)

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                1. re: canadianbeaver

                  Premade is bad enough, but the day before!?!?!?

                  Customer: "This wrap tastes stale"

                  Waiter: "I don't know how that could be sir, they were fresh when we made them!"


                  1. re: canadianbeaver

                    Blech!! That is seriously gross.... With that kind of an attitude, is it really realistic to expect that the wait staff can control what comes out of the kitchen (in reference to my comments above) -- I suspect that the servers probably have to deal with/accept these practicesin order to take home their paycheques.

                    1. re: canadianbeaver

                      Swiss chalet I just found out makes their chicken wrap earlier in the day and they just reheat them...unless u ask for one without bacon,then they will make you a fresh one.
                      I found this out when I asked for the club wrap reg order and got one without bacon,I called and was told they are premade,exept for no bacon orders.

                      So at swiss chalet don't waste your money on "white meat" sandwiches.
                      Thankfull we have no PB here!

                      sounds awful.

                      1. re: MiriamOttawa

                        Ugh just the mention of Swiss Chalet makes me shudder....I went to one of their Hamilton locations......once.

                        Got a 1/2 rib dinner for takeout, it was the grossest pile of gristle and fat ever, and the rice was hard like it had spent a few hours under a heat lamp. I jumped back into the car after checking out my meal to return it and they were closed, got on the PC to find a way to complain, could not find any contact info on their parent companies website.

                        Will not be may just be that one location but it really turned me off them.