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Apr 21, 2009 10:33 AM

Chuck's day off

Can someone provide the name and location of his restauarnet and any reviews would be great..thanks much

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  1. oh my. The restaurant's name is Garde Manger. Located
    408, Saint-François-Xavier
    Old Montréal, QC.
    check out the board for reviews. (my take: it is loud)

    *um, please provide more info next time... I didn't even know about this show!*

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    1. re: alixium

      Thank so much, I'm an out-of-towner but will be in your great city over the next couple of weeks and would consider for dinner?????????

      1. re: kayia1

        He was on a french talk show recently; his show is on the food network canada
        mondays at 8 h, 11 h 30 et 19 h 30 - I bookmarked this info, haven't watched it yet.