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Apr 21, 2009 10:29 AM

What is it?

Here in Maryland, I live close to a couple small streams and over the years I have notice that in the Spring, near these streams/marshy areas out pops some grean leafy plants. Almost like a leafy lettuce of some sort. I never paid much mind to them until this year. I've seen on multiple occasions older Asian ladies picking them....making me think....what is it? Do you think I'm missing out on something that could be eaten? Forgive me if this really seems like a strange question.

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  1. Maybe watercress? Google watercress and look at the picture to see if it looks like what you see being harvested. Or you could try politely asking one of the ladies :-)

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    1. re: Niki in Dayton

      Sounds likely. Marsh Marigold is another candidate.

        1. re: lattelover

          by looking up all the suggestions, it does indeed appear to be skunk cabbage. This is exactly what it looks like.

          Glad I asked, after reading up on it, it doesn't appear to be edible. When you see a whole marsh of them, they are beautiful though. Thanks folks.

    2. I have a vague memory that when we lived in Montgomery CO MD there was a county office to which we could refer such questions---check your county offices. Also, I googled "maryland state forestry information" and got a state office you can email. Variously, ask the Asian ladies what it is then seek a translation from smart people online (not the translating computers, which often give silly answers).

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        thanks Querencia....and I do agree that some of the translating programs give funny answers..LOL I think lattelover nailed it right on the head, googling it, the pictures look just like it. Next time I see the ladies out there, I'm going to stop and ask what they do with the stuff....

      2. If it is skunk cabbage, the Asian ladies may be brewing up something as a medicinal. Skunk cabbage is really not edible.