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Apr 21, 2009 10:24 AM

I like to London

Hi there,

I have been searching these boards avidly for a suggestion for my one blowout dinner on an upcoming trip to London. I have been vacillating between Maze, GR at Claridge's and more recently Square, but I suddenly thought: I will be dining alone. And when dining alone I love to watch a professional kitchen cook together and do its thing. I had the chance to do that at NOLA in New Orleans, sat at the chef's counter just a few feet from the pass, and it was most entertaining.

Any thoughts on good upscale restos with amazing food that can satisfy my voyeuristic tendencies? I'm guessing Claridge's is def a no go! But perhaps one of the others on my list would work? Or is there somewhere else entirely?

Or are open kitchens still not really done in London? I was last there as a poor student 20 years ago so I don't know what the current trends are.

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  1. if you want that sort of thing, you're best might be downstairs at Atelier Joel Robuchon. the food is very good, and likely to be better than your listed alternatives short of the square - which will be formal sit down at a table stuff.

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      Many thanks Batfink. A little scary that the menu doesn't even list prices...?!?!

      1. re: scrummy

        I'd second L'Atelier. I was there last Nov, and was totally mesmerised by the goings-on in the kitchen. Attached a photo I snapped from where I was seated.

        L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon
        West St, London, Greater London WC2H 8, GB

        1. re: scrummy

          oh be very afraid!!!

          the food will be somewhere between £50 - £70 per head depending on what you order, and I think they had a tasting menu in the low 60's.

          the booze is what will kill you.

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            Zuma is another option or Bocca di Lupo which is the talk of the town at the moment but may not be "up scale" enough for what you want.


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              Thanks for the warning batfink, though to be honest that looks about what the others I was considering were going to run. And thanks for the other suggestions gourmet chick, I will check them out tonight. I

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                Ahhhh Gourmet Chick, I think I have just determined that my one last fancy meal will be Bocca di Lupo. Thanks!

                If anyone cares to know, what I have finalized over the course of a ten day visit is

                Lunch at Bocca di Lupo (TY!)
                Lunch at One o One - great 50% offer right at the min btw
                Dinner at Atelier de Robouchon
                Dinner at Le Train Bleu for my one meal in Paris

                I will post reviews later!

                1. re: scrummy

                  if you in paris during the week, have a casual lunch at Racines.

                  passage de panorama. superb quality of ingredient