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Apr 21, 2009 10:10 AM

Wild Game Restaurant

Does anyboy know of a good wild game restaurant in the DC/Virgina general area. I will be up for a week beginning 5/2 and would really like to find a good place. I don't mind driving a bit so if it is within say 45-60 minute drive, I would not have a problem with that. Will be staying in Alexandria. Thanks all in advance!

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  1. What type of game are you looking for, there isn't really one restaurant per se, but there are some places that serve game.

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      Elk, venison, buffalo and such items. Thanks..

    2. Mrs. K's Toll House has venison and quail on the menu.

      2941 had guinea hen that was great, but I don't see it on the current menu. As dear season is long past many of the seasonal restaurants that have game don't have it right now.

      Nicaro has quail, as well.

      Blue Duck has pheasant I believe. If you really want good roast meats, I would go to Blue Duck it may not be exotic but they do an excellent job with beautifully roasting meat.

      Unfortunately right now isn't the best season to find this sort of thing...

      Of course Ted's Montana Grill always has buffalo, I think some of their items are ok, but it is a chain and I don't think it is exactly what you are looking for.

      1. You will not find wild game on menus generally. Wild game meat can not be sold or bartered by hunters. Local hunters will sometimes donate their kill to a restaurant, but that is rare.

        For farm-raised game meats, try Restaurant Eve right in Old Town. Chef Cathal Armstrong does a great job with game.

        1. Look up Serbian Crown. It's Russian & French cuisine and they serve lots of game.

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            Cashions (DC) sometimes has a lot of game on the menu.

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              Indeed. Ive had bear at the Serbian Crown in the past.

              1. re: Insidious Rex

                That's interesting, it is really hard to cook bear and have it taste good. Normally for that it has to be marinated for multiple days and really trimmed as it is a very fatty meat. I have had bear before and did not like it at all. But the people who prepared it for me I don't think knew how to cook bear well, since it was the first year you could hunt bear in MD when I had it.

                1. re: ktmoomau

                  It was many years ago when I had it there. Ive actually gotten my hands on ground bear meat before and you are right it is very fatty but I did manage to make an ok hamburger out of it.

                  So I took a quick look at the menu for Serbian Crown since we were talking about it and they do seem to have a fairly extensive list of interesting animals available (in fact an entire section dedicated to "Wild game and Poultry"). Didnt see any bear this time but one certainly jumped out at me immediately: "Scaloppini of Lion". Really?? As in like cowardly and king of the beasts Lion? Anybody had that before?

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                      Two things I'd like to mention.
                      First - There is now farm raised, commercially produced lion and bear meat available for restaurants. This usually can be ordered from many regional meat wholesalers.
                      These animals are being raised here in the U.S. and are legal to purchase and consume.

                      Second - Commercially raised bear meat is very different in quality from any animal taken in the wild. These animals are raised in a controlled environment and professionally butchered in a commercial facility. The quality and flavor is exceptional.

                      1. re: pacheeseguy

                        Well I dont know about you guys but the concept of a "lion farm" strikes me as a little bizarre and somehow wrong (not to mention it would make me pretty nervous if I lived nearby).

                    2. re: Insidious Rex

                      When I inquired, they didn't have it. According to the menu, it looks to be available only in the winter (but when we went, it was right around Xmas). I have no reason to believe why eating lions are illegal. Many African game reserves breed their own lions for hunting purposes. As long as the lions aren't poached, I don't see why it's illegal to eat them.

              2. Old Europe is a usual suspect. But I remember reading a while back about a winery in Virginia that does a game menu. Can anyone chime in?