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Apr 21, 2009 09:46 AM

Brown bag lunch?


I'm looking for some ideas about lunches to bring to work. Thanks!!

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  1. Today I had a toasted tortilla with hummus, avocado, sprouts, spinach and cucumber. Sometimes I add a touch of harrissa (Tunisian hot sauce) to the hummus. It is good, filling and it holds up to traveling really well.

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      I had my first Asian sandwich recently so it inspired me to do a simple version using the new Arnold round breads. (sort of like a burger roll but not thick): sliced turkey, sliced plum tomato, sliced red onion, a little ginger sesame sauce, fresh cilantro.
      For ham sandwiches just add a slice of swiss cheese and some red pepper relish with a quick 15 seconds in the microwave if available.
      For afternoon snack, 4 Bistro crackers spread with roasted vegetable hummus and 12-15 grapes.

      1. re: dfrostnh

        I love those Arnold rolls! I make a sandwich with some brie and green apple or smoked turkey, avocado, and tomato. Usually I bring a small salad too.

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          Another vote for those Arnold rolls! Today I brought a frozen veggie burger, an Arnold multi-grain roll, sliced tomato and then heated the veggie burger in the microwave and assembled my sandwich. Also brought a salad with it. Very good and filling too.

          1. re: valerie

            I love them too. Today I spread generously with prepared horseradish and topped with mixed salad greens, apple (variety Java) and avocado slices.

    2. I think this post is kindof cool, but haven't tried the recommendations yet:
      Personally, leftovers of dinner stuff are always my favorite for work lunch (esp. soups), but I'll also do standard sandwiches (if you want tomato bring it separately so it doesn't get soggy- I usually use cucumbers), greek yogurt with honey or with cucumbers and salt, wraps with avocado, tomato, grilled chicken, sprouts (bring a whole avocado to work and assemble there so it doesn't get brown)...

      1. I make giant baked tamales - 24" long and 4-5" in diameter. Cut a slice and add a small container of your favorite mole to top it with. I particularly like chiken, black beans, red bell peppers and diced onion...

        1. I really enjoy variations on the ploughman's lunch - originally cheese, bread, and some kind of relish -- both because they're delicious and because they're simple to throw together in the morning.

          plain matzo, butter, homemade pickles, double gloucester
          onion flatbread, goat cheese, grapefruit marmalade, olives
          pugliese roll, butter, sharp cheddar, cornichons

          Any combination of the above, plus a piece of fruit and some sparkling water, and you're in biz.