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Apr 21, 2009 09:45 AM

Vegan Brunch Ideas?

Hello there!

My non-vegan friend and I (vegan) have begun holding vegan cookoffs - it was her idea! We have a "brunch" themed cookoff coming up and I'm stumped for good brunch ideas that don't contain too many scary ingredients as my hubby and her bf, both meat eaters are our judges :)

Yes I'm aware Isa's new brunch cookbook is due to be released soon - I pre-ordered it but I'm afraid we might have the brunch off BEFORE i receive my copy of the book!

That being said I have a few categories of items needed:

Side Dish

I'm planning on testing Isa's chesapeake tempeh cakes for the appetizer category next weekend.

I am also planning to test Notella Crepes as the dessert feture next weekend as well - both recipes are in Veganomicon.

I was contemplating biscuits & gravy from vegan with a vengeance...not sure thogh - hubby kind of turned his nose up. as a meat eater he LOVES bob evans biscuits and sausage gravy so maybe I shouldnt try to make a "vegan" version??

Any ideas for Beverage, Entree, Side Dish???? I appreciate any and all suggestions! I really want to win!

Beverages need to be semi -original if possible. I know the normal breakfast beverages include mimosas, bellinis, bloody marys, smoothies - I was shooting for something alcoholic but different! Ideas welcome please!!!

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  1. Don't have recipes handy, but I have attended a vegan brunch that included:

    pumpkin pancakes with maple syrup
    roasted veggie terrine. eggplant, zucchini, mushroom, tomato, and potato with a tomato sauce
    fruit skewers
    and some really nasty faux-meat sausage

    1. Can vegans use yeast? Also, I'm surprised you have so many courses for brunch. I always figured it was drinks, something eggy, something bready, something fruity. Of course, you have to omit the eggs and dairy, but can't you cut a few courses?

      I love smtucker's suggestion of the vegetable terrine. Mollie Katzen has a recipe for a pizza that's either shedded potato or shredded zucchini based. I think that would be a great brunch dish. I'll try to find a link.

      Edit: Here's her link She's got a lot of good recipes on line, but many use cheese or an egg to bind, like the zucchini pizza I mentioned. As a vegan, I'm sure you have a favorite egg substitute and some soy cheeses that you like. She has several recipes that use polent as the base, one with a southwestern hash, which would be perfect for brunch. Also a rich mushroom stew over polenta might work.

      Pure blueberry juice is my favorite treat. Maybe you could mix it with something sparkly for a take on mimosas, but in antioxidant blue!

      1. One of my favorite weekend morning breakfasts is a Middle Eastern dish made of (canned) hot fava beans topped with lots of freshly minced parsley and garlic, mixed with tahini. olive oil, fresh lemon juice and S&P. It should be about the consistency of yogurt when done. Served with warm pita bread, and fresh radishes on the side.

        1. My favorite vegan brunch main dish is tofu scramble -- made with various sauteed/carmelized veggies, silken soft tofu, garlic, etc. it is savory and delicious. Some good bread, jam, fruit salad, maybe roasted potatoes and/or a lovely green salad with toasted nuts, and you have a satisfying and delicious meal. I'm not sure if this fits your idea for courses, though...

          1. Indian uppma--made with semolina (although I cheat and use toasted cream of wheat). I usually put fresh eggplant, potatoes, tomatoes, and green beans in mine. Yummy with yogurt and tamarind sauce.

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              Yes look at South Indian cuisina. Appam, uppma, pongal, dosa, idli, vada - all tasty and vegan (use coconut oil). Think Tamil and Kerala cuisine.