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Apr 21, 2009 09:44 AM

Popeye's promotion

Didn't see this posted yet. I saw an ad yesterday, and apparently, participating popeye's will be selling 8 pieces of chicken for $4.99 tomorrow, Wednesday, April 22nd. I have no idea where to find out which particular locations are participating, other than calling or going in person.

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  1. Since it is a national ad (on TV and from their website) it should be good at all of them.

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      don't bet on it. ads like this always say "at PARTICIAPATING restaurants". here in honolulu the restaurants almost never participate - regardless of which chain it is, even if the ad is run here. many of them often have fine print even on the tv ad saying "'offer not valid in alaska, hawaii, and guam"

    2. We had that special run on April 14th. Came in a grocery insert, and it was a Customer Appreciation Day.

      1. I wish I would have seen this post earlier. It would have saved me the trouble of making fried chicken at home tonight. About the same cost with no mess!

        1. Looks like it was a train wreck in New York.
          $4.99 Popeye's Chicken Deal Causes Police Intervention, Chicken Shortages

          1. I went to one on La Brea in Los Angeles, and it was a great deal. They were selling a lot of chicken, but the staff was good-natured (actually clueing some of the customers in line about the better deal) and the lines moved pretty fast. I ordered the spicy, and I usually prefer thighs, but the breast I had was big, juicy, crispy, and very moist -- not at all overcooked. Pretty close to a perfect piece of fried chicken. But they are also running a promotion of two pieces and a biscuit for $1.99, and I think that one is still going on. By the time I left, the line of cars for the drive-thru, those waiting to get in, and me and a couple others trying to get out made for a tetris puzzle.