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Apr 21, 2009 09:36 AM


Does anyone know if it's open yet or any reviews?

The website is not updated but you can make online reservations so not sure if they're open or not.

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  1. Article on austin360 says yes-- dinner from 5:30 with lunch and brunch soon.

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    1. re: bubbleboy79

      Thanks bubble!
      I'm gonna check it out on Sunday and report back. Wish they had the menu up already

    2. i had a couple dozen oysters there this week. it is a great environment and the service was swift given how busy it was. I thought the prices were a little steep for a place that wants to move some oysters, but I guess the recession doesn't really affect SoCo.

      I'd go back on someone else's dime. If I am paying that much for oysters though, i'm probably just going to go to parkside.

      1. The menus are up today. The prices are pretty steep for 'casual' dining. When I think of a good casual seafood place in Austin I think of Quaility seafood. Not cheap by any means but there are no $20.00/plates. My .02.

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            Thirded. Sounds good, but I don't think I'll be able to eat there very often.

        1. Sat at the oyster bar at Perla's last night. An hour + wait for a table. I agree on the main course prices- a little steep for "casual". But I got the crabcake appitezer and a side of grilled asparagus and it was plenty of food. The crabcake was one of the best I've had in austin. 98% crabmeat, moist, great flavor and topped with a little remoulade sacue and greens. Grilled asparagus were perfect. My friend had the halibut and wan't too happy with it, a bit too dry. In terms of portion size, I'd stick to the appetizer and a side. Will go back for sure!

          1. We went last night in the early evening before the ballet--definitely casual in atmosphere as we felt overdressed. Flip-flops and shorts are definitely allowed here.

            Based on dc2austin's recommendation we had the crabcake and it is most excellent. We had a grilled amberjack and a roasted tile fish and both were quite pleasing--cooked perfectly and about the right size--4 or 5oz. We also ordered two sides: spinach with garlic and grilled cream corn. The corn was amazing and I highly recommend it--just the right level of grilled with nice chunks of corn in the sweetness of the cream. For dessert we split the sundae and it was good but not amazing--it was more banana split with the banas (3 scoops served sideways).

            All it all it was a darn good meal. Not top 10 in Austin good, but in the top 25. However, yes, it is pricey. We'll be back occasionally.