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Apr 21, 2009 09:34 AM

East St. Paul Drinks

I'm looking for a place in East St. Paul for drinks after a corporate event at Vertical Endeavors. Would rather not go downtown or cross to the other side as traffic might be bad at that time of day, but also need some place where a group of 10-15 lawyers can grap a drink and some light food. I had considered some of the Mexican restaurants in the area, but it's not clear whether any of them serve alcohol. Any thoughts?

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  1. I would take a look at the Strip Club. A newish steak restaurant with a very cool bar on the East Side.

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    1. re: Michael Florey

      Thanks -- that's perfect. Given my limited geography knowledge of St. Paul, I had no idea Strip Club was in East St. Paul.

      1. re: kersie

        I live in St. Paul and am still unsure of the geography.

      2. re: Michael Florey

        As perfect as that suggestion was for our group, our event is on a Monday. Not surprisingly, Strip Club is not open on Mondays. Any further suggestions?

        1. re: kersie

          If you were just looking for drinks and not asking them to open the whole kitchen, I'd call the Strip Club and see if they'd open up for your group as a special event. In this economy they might do it.

      3. i like the Minnesota Music Cafe. Great music. Not so great food - unless you get pizza. They have Heggies - my favorite frozen pizza... Their walleye sandwich also comes recommended.

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          Hmm..What time of day will you be at VE? Unfortunately there aren't a lot of bars on the eastside where I'd be comfortable bringing a bunch of non eastside lawyers. I'd have to direct you downtown. If you're at Vertical Endeavors you can take the new Phalen Pkway thing practically right to downtown. And unfortunately again..there probably won't be much traffic as long as you're not on the freeway. Downtown I'd suggest the Liffey (rooftop bar) or maybe or maybe Saint Paul Grill I can probably recommend some more if these don't sound appealing...My brother is an attorney and we grew up on the Eastside..he currently practices and lives in the "western subrurbs"..He says he will raise his daughters in Deephaven and send them back to me (I live on the eastside..again..) for "character building"..It's really easy to get downtown from that Arcade/7th st area any time of day..Now if you were looking for Eastside dive bars I could help you out..