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Apr 21, 2009 09:14 AM

Best Polish, Chicago Burbs

Staying in Rosemont and a customer requested we go out for Polish Food tonight.. They have been to the buffet and were looking for something with a little more care and intimacy..

Does anyone have a really good Polish restaurant that is not too far away from where we are..

We do have cars..

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Perhaps Chicago's best, and best-known, Polish restaurant is right off the Kennedy Expressway (I-90), just down the road from Rosemont. You can get there in 15-20 minutes if it's not the commuting rush hour. It's also right next to the Division Street station on the CTA Blue Line, the elevated subway line that stops in Rosemont.

    1549 W. Division St.
    Metromix listing:

    Another place, but one I haven't been to, is even closer (5-10 minutes away), also right off the Kennedy (exit at Nagle). However, it's a buffet, which may be too much buffet for you...? It was recommended in the discussion at

    Czerwone Jabluszko (Red Apple)
    6474 N. Milwaukee Ave (this location is closer to Rosemont)
    3121 N. Milwaukee Ave