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Apr 21, 2009 08:32 AM

Question about meal time at Degustation...

I know that I'm breaking several rules of etiquette here, but don't have much of a choice. I have a 7PM reservation at Degustation tonight, but a concert later in the night that will require me to leave around 8:30 PM. Believe me I HATE double-booking, but circumstances being what they are (surprise visit from friend in California who reserved dinner; long-standing tickets to concert) I'm going to have to suck it up for tonight.

Is the service at Degustation leisurely or relatively quick? This is assuming I don't go for the 5 or 10 course tasting menu (well, maybe the 5). I'm dreading being rude to the party and missing out on my food if I have to leave before the meal even finishes. Thoughts?

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  1. I found the service to be pretty quick. When I have an event to go to, I will tell the waiter at the beginning of the meal.

    1. Overall, service tends to be on the quick side. However, I will warn you about the problem that you may perhaps face. Not sure about these recession times, but there's a chance that even though your reservation is for 7P that you may not be seated at that time. Degustation is a small restaurant with only 14 seats. The 7P slot is more of a second seating time. There's no guarantee that the first seating diners will finish on "time." I remember Jack Lamb and staff were pretty upset once because this couple was really taking their time finishing their wine -- basically the glasses of wine sat in front of them and they just talked forever. And I guess there were other parties that were taking much longer than the restaurant anticipated. There was a huge line of people who had reservations waiting for a table, and they were getting irate. I've always taken the earlier seating for that very reason, eating closer to 6P.

      So I'd probably call them today, seeing if there would be a problem getting seated on time tonight as you have concert reservations later. I've only been during the weekends. Perhaps it's different on a Tuesday night, and in the middle of a recession. But I'd just call just to make sure.

      1. also be sure to tell them your time constraint when you sit down. they will try to accommodate you

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            We ordered about 5 courses each, about 1 to 2 at a time, which seemed pretty common there, and the meal still was only maybe 1.5 hours (we didn't linger). I dont think time should be a concern but if you are seated late or concerned anyway, you can just order more dishes right away so they will be less scattered.