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Apr 21, 2009 08:19 AM

Hunting for greasy soul food joints...

Yes, I know most health-minded people would run past screaming these joints, but I just love satifying my craving at old school soul food spots. Problem is, I'm having trouble finding them these days... any help would be appreciated..

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  1. Not noticeably greasy, but if you are talking about good african american cooking, (a declining genre here, it seems) you can still get it in Brooklyn at Ruthie's - two locations on Dekalb, also Mitchell's on Vanderbilt. There is another place with very good mac and cheese and fried chicken down in Crown Hts. North but I am blanking on its name.

    1. Mitchell's is great. Also try very good Sugar Hill Supper Club on Dekalb and Nostrand.

      1. All I can say is "I thank the man upstairs everyday I'm not health-minded". Hands down, Saratoga Kitchen on Atlantic Ave. & Saratoga Ave. Go there for lunch and dinner. I'm talking heavenly smothered fried pork chops, nice fatty skinned fried chicken, and delicious mac & cheese. As much as I hate to say this, Mitchell's, on Vanderbilt, just doesn't cut it anymore. I haven't been to Sugar Hill or Ruthie's, but I will try them. You should also check out Fish & Wings up on Atlantic Ave. between Warwick & Ashford. So far they have the best mac & cheese in NYC. And don't let people tell you that Saratoga Kitchen and Fish and Wings areas. Everytime I've been to those places the patrons and work-crew have been nothing but pleasant and friendly.

        1. On your next trip to JFK make time for Rockaway Fish House on Rockaway Blvd just east of the Van Wyck. Take out only so it may be a problem, I eat in my car.
          On the south shore of Long Island on Front Street in Hempstead is Riddicks a classic "greasy soul food joint". The place is actually very clean and simple, the food is authentic and excellent. You could hit the place after a trip to the beach.

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            Is the Fish House the place with the steamed clams and so on? Right by the JFK landing path/runway? I think they closed down. I hope I'm wrong because it's a great place.

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              I am not famliar with the place you mentioned, I'm sure they are two different places.


          2. Thanks to all for the tips! Anyone heard about the Five Spot in the Clinton Hill area?