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Apr 21, 2009 07:59 AM

Getting married this Friday at City Hall need recommendation

We are kind of planning this last minute, but we need a restaurant to go to with both of our parents after we get married. We need a place at around 5 and there will be six of us. Doesn't have to be fancy, but would like it to be memorable. We have thought about a few of the recommendations on the board such as Grammercy Tavern, Supper, Bacaro and even Limon. We are open for suggestions. Grammercy Tavern has nothing til 11pm. Supper I'm thinking might be too crowded. Bacaro opens at 6 which leaves us waiting around too long. And Limon I might have to save for a time when we don't have our parents. Although, we love Turkish food and the fact that it's BYOB, it might be too casual and small for what we need. So with that I'm hoping you guys can help me come up with a nice idea for an early dinner after the wedding. Thanks!!

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  1. I just took a look on OpenTable and 11 Madison Park's got a table for 6 at 5:30.

    1. Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials, nitsud!

      Absolutely do not go to Limon! While I like the food, it is the furthest from the kind of place one should choose to celebrate such a very special occasion.

      I recommend you go to Eleven Madison Park. They start serving dinner at 5:30; however, the bar area is open, so you can arrive at 5 and have drinks there before being seated at your table. EMP's food is stellar, and the cost for the 3-course dinner prix-fixe is about the same as at Gramercy. There is an excellent wine list, and the sommelier will help you choose something that fits your budget. Service is very cordial and polished. And the space is gorgeous! When you call, be sure to tell the reservationist that this is your post-wedding dinner because the staff always likes to be aware of special occasions.

      My very wishes to you and your fiance!

      ETA: I see Deenso and I are thinking alike -- that great minds thingy. :-)

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        Thanks so much for your quick response. Eleven Madison Park does really look like a great option and I'm not ruling it out. However, I just am a bit unsure about French cuisine. We have been to French restaurants but they usually are not our 1st choice. Do you have any other suggestions with a different cuisine? Thanks Again!!!

        1. re: nitsud

          With another glance at OpenTable, there's...

          David Burke Townhouse
          The Four Seasons Restaurant

          Keep in mind, though, that Eleven Madison is an American Restaurant - with a French influence, granted, but definitely American. Did you check the menu on their website? RGR and I have your best interests in mind!

          Have a wonderful day and congratulations!

          1. re: Deenso


            I agree with you about the style of cuisine at EMP. For example, the sensational duck for two is a dish that will definitely please someone who is leery of French cuisine. And in many of his dishes, Chef Humm uses flavorings from various parts of the world.

            Also, the kind of solicitous treatment the staff at EMP provides to those celebrating this kind of special occasion is hard to match. I seriously doubt it will be found at any of the four restaurants you've listed. Service can make or break the overall experience, and I, for one, wouldn't want to take any chances in that regard.

          2. re: nitsud

            Hearth would be a very good choice.

            Tailor is not too far from where you'll be. It's a bit casual, but you sound pretty down to earth if you are considering Turkish and BYOB. The staff at Tailor is super friendly and the food I think is way underrated, the food is extremely good and memorable even on an ordinary night.

            WD-50 would also be memorable, though perhaps too extreme?

            Allen and Delancey is also pretty well downtown and pretty good, very nice ambiance.

            I'm taking the trouble to suggest these alternatives for you because I'm not a fan at all of EMP or GT.

            1. re: acidity

              Hearth's food is fine, but nothing about the place itself with its "early warehouse" interior says "special celebration" to me.

              I have no desire to go to WD-50 because science experiments on the plate are not my thing. Unless the happy couple and their parents are into molecular gastronomy, I think they should steer clear.

              1. re: RGR

                For me, an occasion cannot be special without good food, and Hearth's food is quite good. I'm not responding to "disagree" but to clarify that I think Hearth is a great suggestion taking atmosphere into account. To my eye, decor has to include the people in the room. Gramercy Tavern or EMP make me feel like everybody's inlaws are taking them out to dinner, where Hearth feels quite the opposite. Me, I feel out of place if I have to look at a navy blue blazer with brass buttons :)

                WD-50 is what it is, easy enough to research. It's quite a nice place to sit, service is excellent yet the staff is quite down to earth, and it provides a memorable experience you can talk about forever. Yes, not all of the food is a home run, but it's all interesting. As long as they know what they are in for, I don't see why it should be eliminated from consideration.

              2. re: acidity


                Tailor really looks like an option for us. Thanks for the recommendation!

                1. re: nitsud

                  I think it's a great choice, definitely not just a generic "nice place". Some of the food is crazy (the mustard ice cream for dessert tastes like mustard for dessert) but mostly it is just interesting and in the realm of quite satisfying and leaves you feeling "healthy" rather than butter soaked. (do get the mustard ice cream added on, it is unforgettable.)

          3. it might be risky but do a walk in to babbo. you can drinks while you wait for a table.

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              walkin to Babbo? not on your wedding day!

              EMP is a stellar idea if you can get a res.

              Beacon as noted by Deenso, is a great choice, however. Fantastic food and great ambiance. and VERY American. ;)

            2. Strongly agree with the many suggestions of EMP.The food and decor are terrific and the service is as good as any you will find.If you go,let them know about your wedding celebration and they will make it a very special evening for you(not that they need any prodding).One other thought is the River Cafe.The food is good,the service is excellent as is the view of Manhattan.The combination makes for a wonderful NYC dining experience.Congratulations and best wishes.

              1. You may want to try Craft as well. The food is very american, and the family style servings would make it an ideal for a post wedding dinner.