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Apr 21, 2009 07:43 AM

Post-graduation Lunch around 12th and 5th?

Good post-graduation lunch place around 12th and 5th? We will probably have 12-15 people and would love somewhere with outside seating. Need walking distance, doesn't have to be cheap, but moderate would be appreciated. TIA!

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  1. Presuming the graduation is mid-week, Gotham Bar & Grill serves lunch Mon.-Fri., and is located right there, on 12th, b/t 5th & University. In addition to the a la carte menu, they have a 3-course prix-fixe for $25. No outdoor seating, but the interior is very attractive, and they can easily accommodate a party of 12-15 people.

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      Yes we were definitely thinking Gotham (thanks!), but many relatives (with their kvetching) are pushing for outside seating, since it will likely be nice and the ceremony itself is inside.

      1. re: SAF

        I really think you should push back on this and remind those insisting on outdoor seating that if the weather doesn't cooperate, and the restaurant you choose cannot switch you to indoor seating, you may find yourself stuck, especially with a group as large as yours.

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          I am working on it but in the meantime, I'd still love suggestions for places with large, outside eating areas.

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            Presuming you want a garden or terrace, I don't know of any restaurants with either in your immediate geographical location. So, how far is walking distance? Are you willing to take cabs to get to one?

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              We could take a cab but it's going to be 15 people. I am sure all of you can appreciate the humor of the situation of three college graduates (roommates, all best friends), and 12 elderly Jewish relatives, all prone to complaining. Thank you for all responses!

    2. If you absolutely need somewhere with an outdoor area, you might try calling either Home ( - Cornelia St. a half-block west of 6th Ave) or Quartino (Bleecker at Elizabeth). Both have _small_ gardens, but you might be able to talk them into reserving the entire garden for your party. Food at both is reliable, and Quartino can be lovely in the spring with more things in season locally. Oh, also, Quartino is cash only.

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      1. Don't love the food at either place, but Barolo in Soho and Bottino in Chelsea both have garden seating. Also Aquagrill for lunch. Quick cab ride away. But if I were the graduate, I'd do Gotham, the hell with outdoors.

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          Thanks, cjd and susan_robin--good suggestions and please see the above reply for why this is so much harder than it seems!