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Veggie friendly in Pittsburgh

Jeserf Apr 21, 2009 07:05 AM

While I've spent a lot of time in Pittsburgh (lots of family, went to Pitt), I haven't really been there as a tourist. My boyfriend and I are going for a long weekend in May, and other than a few family obligations, we get to be tourists!

We're staying at the Waterfront, which I know is a bunch of chains.

I'm looking for if there are new, veggie friendly (he eats fish - not seafood- but I don't) places that we should try to hit up.

The areas of Oakland, Shadyside, Sq Hill etc are favored because I know where I am. Also, if the weather is nice, someplaces with outside seating.

I was going to try lunch at Enricos on Ellsworth (if it's still there!) and maybe dinner at Casbah, but I'm open to any suggestions as it's been a while since I've been able to pick where we eat while in Pittsburgh!

We'll likely have 2 dinners, 2-3 lunches and a breakfast/brunch. The other breakfasts, I'm pretty sure the hotel has some stuff and we're near a Panera...


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    CrazyOne Apr 21, 2009 07:11 PM

    Quiet Storm on Penn Ave isn't too far out of your familiar zone, I would think. Penn is a fairly major road. This location is only a few blocks from parts of what would be considered Shadyside. Worth it because it's not just veggie friendly but totally veggie. They do serve dinner but you may find it more interesting for breakfast or maybe Sunday brunch (not a buffet, a good menu to choose from). http://www.quietstormcoffee.com/ Check out Voluto Coffee, practically across the street (about one block towards East Liberty) if you like espresso or single origin coffee. http://www.volutocoffee.com/

    Also, farther down Penn towards downtown, Spak Brothers. It's tough to say to definitely go way out of your way to go here, but this pizza and sub joint makes their own veggie "meat" stuff like sausage for pizza topping, seitan wings, etc. If you like that sort of thing, it might be worth venturing into Garfield for lunch. http://www.spakbrothers.com/

    If you find you must eat other than breakfast at the Waterfront, chain burger place (table service) Red Robin will substitute a Boca patty or Gardenburger on any of the burger concoctions on the menu. It's loud, and there may be children, but they do have booze too, unlike Panera. ;-) We hit a different location of that chain every once in a while. There's also an Eat n Park, which is fine for breakfast, really. That location is right next to the headquarters offices, so they should be on top of their game (such as it is) there.

    Maggies, on S. Craig in Oakland, that's all vegan, could be a lunch if you like. http://www.maggiesmercantile.com/

    Tazza D'Oro in Highland Park, a bit out of the way of your areas again but easy to get to and maybe worth it. http://tazzadoro.net/ They do a highly regarded Sunday brunch, and I assume it would be veggie friendly. Plus serious espresso/coffee as well. Although if you were going to pick one of the two for Sunday brunch, I'd go with Quiet Storm, since everything on the menu will be veggie for you. It's great stuff.

    Okay, clearly I keep wanting to send you away from your Oakland/Shadyside/Sq Hill area so I'd better stop. ;-)

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    1. re: CrazyOne
      Jeserf Apr 22, 2009 06:22 AM

      Ha I have GPS, so that's ok, and I know E. Liberty has changed since I was in college. Lots more places.

      At the waterfront, we'd probably do PF Changs, and I happen to LOVE Eat'N'Park. That really is the best one because of the HQ.

      I will definitely check out the other places. Thank you!

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      sdemarco7 Apr 21, 2009 12:36 PM

      If you like Indian -- Tamarind in Oakland has a yummy lunch buffet with a number of veggie options (Indian in general is pretty good in Pittsburgh and always veg friendly). I also have been loving Dinette, which is near whole foods in East Liberty -- serves apps, salads, pizzas -- a bit pricey, but very, very good -- open for dinner only. Nearby are also two Ethiopian restaurants and the relatively new (and also pricey) Richard Chen. In squirrel hill, I always like Bangkok Balcony and the silk elephant (thai based with same owners). Toast is a newish restaurant on Centre ave with small menu but has veggie and fish options in all coursed -- need a reservation there. Restaurants are becoming more and more veggie friendly in the burgh -- you should have no problem.

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      1. re: sdemarco7
        Jeserf Apr 21, 2009 01:32 PM

        Richard Chen got good reviews from my folks, but the menu is not veggie friendly at all, sadly. And DC has Ethiopian on every corner in my neighborhood (which is nice, but I dislike that type of food...)

        Forgot about Bangkok Balcony - it's a nice place.

        Dinette sounds cool - will have to see if that's worthy of my boyfriend's birthday dinner!

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