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Apr 21, 2009 06:57 AM

One night in Manhattan....Where to eat?

We have only 24 hours in Manhattan (business trip!) and lunch is already covered, but we'd love to go somewhere nice for dinner. Being from Toronto we have spectacular Chinese, Korean, Thai, and Italian places, so barring those cuisines, we're game for anything. We were thinking Momofuku (but I know it's nearly impossible to get a table) but something along that genre would be nice. Any thoughts?
Thank you in advance!

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  1. Momofuku Ssam bar is where you should go but you must get there prior to 730 to snag a table without a long wait. It's one of my favorite restaurants for sure.

    For inventive italian infused with molecular gastronamy try Falai -- the food is delicious and texturally different from standard plates. Don't get me wrong, you won't really find traditional pasta here.

    Aburiya Kinnosuke is excellent Japanese in the non sushi sense (although it is served) -- they serve up homemade tofu, izakaya (grilled meats/veggies on a stick and cooked on charcoal imported from Japan) and other very traditional japanese food like noodles in a hot pot and pork belly. Try their sister restaurant Yakitori totto for a wider variety of izakaya (and if you have an adventurous palate they serve up things like chicken heart and chicken knee bone)

    Bar Boulud serves up excellent pate's and headcheeses with a wide assortment of wines. They have other stuff too like fish and meats for mains but it is their pates and headcheese worth going for. VERY good.

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      Another Falai fan here. It's not your typical Italian . . . not sure I'd call it molecular either. You might want to do a search I saw a recent thread on Falai. You don't indicate how many in your party - Degustation might be fun. It's better for 2 (counter seating, no tables).

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        Hm i guess i wouldn't say Falai is pure molecular gastronomy like WD-50 but for example the last time i was there they served a parmesan marshmallow. It was literally parmesan cheese created in the consistency of marshmallow. So i suppose that is why i said it can be infused with molecular gastronomy.

        But you are right, it's not really under that genre of cuisine

    2. I feel bad you didn't get much in the way of responses, it was a reasonable request. I can tell you though, that i only just saw it because you scrolled way down and off the front page before I got there.

      The South Indian places in Curry Hill are pretty good and interesting if you don't have them in Toronto. Sarivannas is my favorite. Chennai Garden also good. I like Dhaba (I think that's what it is called (next to Pongal which is terrible)). Tiffin Walla is edible but not that good. Chennai G is the closest to a "fancy" restaurant, though.

      I mention those because you mentioned a lot of Asian ethnic.

      1. You might want to consider going to Tabla. Delicious Indian-inspired New American cuisine is served in a very colorfully attractive space upstairs. Tabla's Bread Bar, on the street level, is more casual (though jackets are not required at Tabla), and the cuisine is more strictly Indian in conception. When the weather is conducive, Bread Bar's menu is served on a lovely covered terrace overlooking Madison Square Park.

        If I were asked to choose between the two, I would definitely pick Tabla because Chef Floyd Cardoz has created a style of cuisine that is not easily found elsewhere, and it is superb. Bread food is fine, but it's more ordinary.

        1. Thank you everyone for your suggestions! Falai and Degustation so far, top our list. I'll let you guys know what we chose and how the meal was upon our return! So happy. Sigh.