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A new snack food addiction (as if I don't have enough)...

Last week I bought a bag of Archer Farms Organic White Cheddar & Rosemary popcorn. It is heavenly and addictive and while the bag says it has about 4 portions in it, don't be fueled....it's one great portion.

I swear this stuff is good enough to be served in a small bowl as a cocktail snack.

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  1. Overall, I've been very impressed with the Archer Farms products I've tried. They have some sort of Asian snack mix with rice crackers and wasabi peas that disappears in my house, along with their English toffee popcorn (it has a lot more depth of flavor than the butter toffee, but both are good).

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    1. Mmmm...I used to eat Smartfood by the fistfuls so I will look for this "upgraded" version next week when I cross the border!

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          That was an old post so you'll have to forgive me for less frequent "importing" of snacks, but given our love of cinnamon, have you had the cinnamon sugar kettle corn from Popcorn, Indiana? Oh my goodness, SOOO good; it's salty, sweet and cinnamon-y.


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            mmmm i havent! can I get that in Canada?

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              yes miss! essence of life in kensington has been the most reliable source. i'd stock up because its soooo addictive.

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                  I've seen that flavour at Superstore (loblaws) on pccassion

      1. Just picked some up last week. Heavenly and addictive, yes. I managed to consume only half a bag in one night and the rest the next. Just delicious, but not too much gunk on the kernels. It's definitely a classier kind of popcorn to put out with drinks. Archer Farms scores again.

        1. I'm not a popcorn guy, but I love all the Archer Farms chips. They are constantly coming out with new flavors, and I've recently enjoyed the Honey Barbecue Rib and General Tso (rippled chips like Ruffles), and the Sea Salt and Vinegar baked chips. The next flavors I try will probably be Loaded Baked Potato or Macaroni and Cheese.

          The organic tortilla chips are top-notch as well. They taste like actual corn, and are better than most fresh tortilla chips I've tried at Mexican restaurants.

          1. I'm going completely off the board here. I was going to start a new thread, but then thought maybe I'll just piggy-back here (wrong? Nothing to do with Archer Farms)

            When I was in college (too many years ago), my roommate & I *loved* Pepperidge Farm Pizza goldfish and cheddar goldfish. I don't think I've eaten goldfish in the 20+ years since I left the dorms.

            A few weeks ago, the local grocery store had a BOGO deal, so on a whim I bought "Flavor Blasted" pizza goldfish and chedar goldfish. The 2 bags sat for a while in the pantry, but the other day I opened the flavor blasted pizza goldfish. Damn, they are good. I'm thinking that bag is a goner by tomorrow night.

            Can't wait to try the "flavor blasted cheddar."

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              My daughter is a big fan of the flavor-blasted goldfish, which can now compete with Cheez-Its. The regular goldfish are just so bland.

            2. Are they sold in most markets?

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              1. Archer Farms products are great. I especially love their pasta...not cheap but one of the best tasting dry pasta i've had.

                1. I've been eating a bastard version of Chex Mix that I make with the flavor-blasted goldfish crackers, pretzel sticks, popcorn and roasted peanuts tossed in the usual suspects and oven-baked. And I tell myself I'm doing me a great big fat favor and eat a great big bowl. I like it with apple cider.

                  1. I LOVE this product and have been very disappointed that all Archer Farms popcorn appears to have vanished from Target shelves in the last month or so. Has anyone else seen this product, or am I the only one who can't find it?

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                      ACK! I haven't looked for it recently, but will check my Target in the next couple of days. It would be terrible if they have taken it off the market.

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                        Archer Farms risotto is also very good. I don't usually buy rice mixes but this one is an exception.

                    2. Not really a popcorn lover but recently found I love Peanut Butter filled Pretzels
                      A local produce market fills quart zip baggies with them I don't know where they get their but from Pittsburgh PA somewhere probably in bulk. I know Trader Joes makes some but the closest traders joes is in Pittsburgh which is 2 hours from me.

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                        Lauren...they have them at Sam's Club and Costco too

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                          Thanks I don't have those stores around me either. I just ordered some Herr's PB filled Pretzels from Amazon. That should hold me for a while.