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Apr 21, 2009 06:42 AM

Need Vegan-Friendly (but not all vegan) Brunch

Hey Hounders. This one is a little bizarre: I'm planning a bachelorette weekend for a vegan out-of-towner friend in the city in about a month, and I'm looking for a good boozy VEGAN-FRIENDLY brunch spot, hopefully on the cheap side. The rest of the crew are gung-ho meat eaters, and may be nursing hangovers and craving greasy meats, so it definitely doesn't have to be all-vegan, just have at least something vegan or be proven to make such a thing easily. No lacto-ovo; she is full on vegan (yes, I saw the earlier thread where someone asked for a vegetarian boozy brunch, and those eggy options are a no-go, except for probably Vegetarian Dim Sum House, but is that all that boozy?).

Downtown, east side is highly preferred (EV, LES, Noho, C-town, Nolita, etc). To give you an idea, we're already planning a dinner at Pukk (one of my faves), a light and virtuous lunch at Angelica Kitchen (meh), and at least one cheap eats outing in Chinatown, probably Prosperity Dumpling (nom nom nom). Others in the bridal party have already shot down Counter (they have been and didn't like), Pure Food & Wine (way too expensive for these guys), and Dirt Candy (also too expensive for these guys -- I was bummed about this), so hopefully something with brunch entrees clocking in at under $13 is best. I think I can convince them to go higher if the booze is included in the entree price. Any ideas?

So in order of importance:

1) Vegan options
2) Boozy
3) Affordable
4) Also with meat options
5) Downtown, east side

I was thinking maybe Lasso if I can get them to not put cheese on her pie (do you think they'd do that)?

Thanks guys!

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  1. I would suggest Essex on the Lower East Side. Def. Make reservations. Under $20 dollars includes 2 drinks. They have vegan options

    1. I don't think Veg Dim Sum House does booze, but they might tolerate some BYOB action (just call ahead).

      Essex is a great call.

      I'd also consider Veselka (if the vegan digs pierogi), Elmo (veg burger on their brunch menu, but located in Chelsea), or Spring Street Natural (something for everyone, but located in SoHo).

      Also, if the folks that want greasy meat can tolerate greasy fake meat, you might also consider an all-vegetarian joint like Curly's (it's a small space, but they do both eggs and tofu) or Quantum Leap (West Village). However, I don't know if either place does booze.

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      1. re: PlomeekSoup

        Quantum Leap West Village is BYOB.
        Quantum Leap East Village serves alcohol.

        1. re: PlomeekSoup

          Veg Dim Sum House doesn't really have a party feel either.

          Pierogi can have hidden "meat" in it, like chicken stock in the filling, so I'd stay away.

        2. Kate's Joint fulfills all of your criteria but #4 - there are no meat options. However, the food is defiantly un-virtuous, so maybe your grease-cravers will still be ok.

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          1. re: small h

            How could I leave out Kate's Joint! I've done many a group brunching there; it's got a great East Village vibe and the portions are solid.

            1. re: PlomeekSoup

              Ditto - I'm a meat eater and I like Kate's Joint.

            1. re: misnatalie

              OP said they already ruled out Counter....

              1. re: kathryn

                sorry, I need to read more carefully

            2. I'm in the process of planning the same thing. I found some options at HK, Bondi Road and Film Center Cafe. All offer all you can drink brunches.