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Apr 21, 2009 05:22 AM

Zéfiro, Centro Histórico, México, D.F.?

There is a relatively new restaurant, Zéfiro, associated with the culinary school in the Universidad del Claustro Sor Juana. http://www.ucsj.edu.mx/zefiro1/index....

Has anyone of the Chowhounds eaten there yet? We'll be in the area on Tuesday, but I'm hesitant to try this place. I tend to want to try some of the established, classic places instead. This one looks somewhat "experimental".

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  1. Dude...live dangerously and give the new place a try. I would in a heartbeat. The worst that could happen is you'd be out $85 pesos. The best that could happen is that you'd discover a hidden gem. Culinary students are usually well supervised and the fact that this culinary school is out to preserve the heritage cuisine of Mexico makes it rather intriguing.

    My vote is for you trying it and reporting back on how it was. You'll be on the ground at the source; kick the tires, give it a test drive and see how it responds. My guess is that you'll have a decent to good meal. Just go for it and don't over think it.

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      But, but, DD; Mexico City: So Much Good Food, So Little Time.

      (We'll see...)

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        Assumptions, assumptions my good man. One of the best - if not THE best - meals I've ever had in DF was at a place called Alkimia. It's the dining room run by the Centro Culinaria school which is part of the Ambrosia event/catering operation. The meal was cooked and served by the advanced students. The exec chef overseeing the whole operation was an alumnus of several European hot spots including El Bulli in Spain. The bread platter was amazing, the soups a revelation and the mains a delight. Dessert was the weakest link. The sheer creativity of the meal was truly astonishing. All the ingredients and most of the dishes had their roots in traditional Mexican cooking but the execution was an updating of the classics with a little modern style and flair.

        I certainly can't promise that Zefiro could deliver or compare to Alkimia, but you won't ever know unless you try ;-)

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          We cancelled, or shall I say, postponed or trip to Mexico DF due to the influenza outbreak. We hope to return, under better circumstances, within 6 months.

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            Can't say as how I blame you. Better to err on the side of caution than not these days.

    2. I agree with DiningDiva, so I recently tried Zéfiro two times and was pleased on both occasions. It is a beautiful place with good food, but the service could stand a little improvement.

      There is a daily special menu (160 pesos, which includes a glass of wine) and an ala carte menu. I started with a Mojito de Vino Blanco con Piña. My first course was Sopecitos, which was fair. Then the Sopa de Hongos was very good. The main course was a delicious Trucha Ahumada relleno con queso de cabra en hoja santa with rajas de poblano. The excellent dessert was a pastel de chocolate with helado de macademia and espuma de amaretto.

      The most expensive item on the menu was a Brochetta de Camarones Campechena for 100 pesos. The Filete de Res was 82 pesos.

      Although the public entrance to the university is on Call Izazaga, Zéfiro is a couple of blocks away on San Jeronimo, between Bolivar and Isabel la Catolica. It is an easy walk from the Zócalo. The nearest Metro station is Isabel la Catolica.

      If you go to Zéfiro, it is worth your time to walk along Calle Regina, which is closed to vehicular traffic between Bolivar and 5 de Febrero. There are some interesting cafés and bars, plus Pitahaya, a nice little restaurant serving creative food.