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Have you tried Pretzel Crisps? Mmmm!

I just had these at a friend's house last week. Guess they're not totally new, but are new to me. Boy, are they tasty! I am not even big pretzel lover, but in a flattened state, they are really quite delicious. We had them with guacamole. Am sure there are lots of other ways to use Pretzel Crisps. Any other fans out there?


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  1. FWIW here's the San Francisco Chronicle pretzel chip tasting.
    "All the President's Men," Ben Bradlee "Send it out to the San Francisco Chronicle - they need it.

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      How fun--thanks! I haven't tried any other brand than the original.

    2. These are by far one of the most evil things perpetrated on the dieting population, ever. They are thin, so you think you are not eating much, but then they dip themselves into cheese speads and sour cream concoctions and fly into your mouth. And because they are sturdy little buggers, they don't tend to break like chips when they are dipping, so they deliver more cheese/dip per dunk. AND they are available in huge bags at many of the warehouse clubs.

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      1. re: PattiCakes

        And I will bet you that they are sensational with this dip.

        1. re: wolfe

          I'm sure you're right. I've been eyeing that one! I should look to see if there's a thread about dips. So many possibilities!

      2. My family loves them -- we buy huge bags of them from Costco. They are great with dips, cream cheese, etc, but fortunately they taste just fine on their own too.

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          Evil, they are evil I tell you! They give you the ability to convey large amounts of dip into your mouth with the ease of a spoon, and allow you to shovel into a cheese spread without having to use a funny little knife to spead it. Right now I'm thinking maybe a chocolate dip???

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            I just dipped a bunch of my own. Boy, are these tasty...melted some dark chocolate Callebaut in the micro, now the Pretzel Thins are setting up on parchment paper as I type. Yum, yum, yum!

        2. Love them! I get mine from BJ's and take them to work so I don't have a giant bag at home. I've had original, buffalo wing, honey mustard and dark chocolate. Ridiculous!! I can't stop eating them...

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            Whoa. Hold the phone here. They come in FLAVORS???? Where have I been! Garlic? Be still my heart!

            1. re: PattiCakes

              I think you're in BIG trouble, girlfriend! ;)

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                Patticakes, you've got to follow the link thoughtfully provided by kattyeyes.

                1. re: wolfe

                  Dear Lord, DARK CHOCOLATE-COVERED? I just finished a box of dark-chocolate covered matzah (not to mention dark chocolate covered passover marshmallows). I'm dead.

                  1. re: Bob W

                    Suggestion: Do not, I repeat do not dip the chocolate covered pretzels in the reuben dip linked above.

                        1. re: kattyeyes

                          I had a bad moment when I saw there was a recipe that might have included a reuben and chocolate. However, I was relieved when Cafe Miranda's, Rockland Me. description left out all the standard ingredients. "What's in a name?"
                          Wood fired bananas with cocoa and chilies and pears with chocolate crème anglaise sauce

                          1. re: wolfe

                            The dessert description above sounds tasty to me. But chocolate-covered pretzels in reuben dip do not. It just sounds like a dare!

                            1. re: kattyeyes

                              I would never suggest anyone try it. I believe in the dictum "primum non nocere."

                  2. re: wolfe

                    Holy sh*t!

                    Now I know what I'm getting my sister for her birthday -- a fine selection of pretzel crisps. She's the one who first introduced me to her, so it will serve her right.

                    That reuben dip looks yummy. I wonder how they would be with the standard hot buffalo chicken dip that's been making the rounds?

              2. i love garlic and chipotle cheddar. good thing the closest place i found them was about 45 minutes away. i can find them like 20 minutes away for double the price. so i rather wait to get any.

                1. I just had these last week, both the buffalo ones as well as the chipotle cheddar (which were my favorite). I'm not particularly a hard pretzel fan either, I don't like the shellacky surface, but the seasoned ones are grand !!!

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                  1. re: im_nomad

                    I still have to try the flavors--chipotle cheddar sounds GREAT! I have to get to a different supermarket just to get 'em, though. Maybe (as another poster mentioned above) this is a good thing. ;)

                    1. re: im_nomad

                      I didn't like the looks of the shiny surface either -- it reminded me of some other snack foods that I didn't like -- but one taste and I moved past that issue.

                      What is particularly insidious about these things is that they are more structurally sound than most chip-type snacks, so they can withstand a deep dive into the cream cheese, hummus, etc, and come up for air fully loaded, without breaking in half.

                    2. I had to give them up. Apparently doesn't matter what the calorie content per serving is when you eat the entire bag in one sitting.

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                        1. I have to dissent and say that I was prepared to love them but was underwhelmed. Not worth the calories, sad to say.

                          But I love pretzels (well, good ones), and am not a dips person, so maybe that's the problem.

                          1. I totally forgot about these but I've been hooked lately on the Pepperidge Farm pretzel crisps that seem similar to these. I love the savory cheese ones and living near a Pepperedge Farm outlet doesn't hurt.

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                              Thanks to wolfe and you, I was able to procure my own pretzel crisps--but not the original brand I was looking for--Pepperidge Farm instead. If there really are Pretzel Crisps (original brand) at Big Y as the store locator indicates, no one at the store (including me) could find 'em. But thanks to this thread, I knew I had a shot of finding Pepperidge Farm ones. According to the link wolfe posted, these were the number one preferred brand, so it will be fun to bring these over to my friend's house and have a little taste test later this week. Thanks, guys! :)

                            2. Trader Joe's sells a house brand of these, in plain and everything varieties. They are awesome. Unfortunately, once a bag is in the house, my boyfriend waits until I go to bed and then eats them all.

                              1. I love them with garlic hummus. They even come prepackaged like that in my local grocery store. Delicious