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Apr 21, 2009 04:32 AM

An Anniversary Weekend in Montreal

My husband and I will be coming to Montreal from NYC at the end of May to celebrate our anniversary. I'd love to tips on good restaurants. We are staying downtown at the Hyatt. We would love to hear some names of places for breakfast, lunch, and a celebration anniversary dinner. The celebration anniversary dinner does not need to be over the top. Just a place with very good food and a good atmosphere, preferably French, somewhat authentic. Thank you! We are willing to walk or take the metro anywhere in the Montreal area.

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  1. I think that the general consensus here is that you cannot miss Au Pied de Cochon (more casual atmosphere), La Montee (right downtown), Lemeac (they even have a late dinner special)... You will need reservations everywhere you go, especially for dinner, and a couple of weeks in advance for Au Pied de Cochon.
    For lunch, I would definetely try Decca77 (downtown as well).
    If you feel more experimental, you could give Mekdala a try (Ethiopian), it is downtown as well and it is very cheap (compared to all the other restaurants).
    For your anniversary dinner, if you want something more fancy and elegant, I would go with La Montée, Club de Chasse et Peche, even XO. You should definetely not miss going to Au Pied de Cochon, but if you're only two, you might want to reserve at the bar (which is a great experience apparently!) their tables are reserved more for groups. Also, check out this thread:
    Other great French restaurants in Montreal: l'Inconnu, l'Express, Cinquieme Peche... and another great one that comes to mind is Cafe Ferreira (Portuguese, right downtown, absolutely great - lunch or dinner). Good luck and have fun in Mtl!

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      Hi there!
      You know a place that might be overlooked is Brontë on St Catherines....the semi cirlce booths are totally romantic, the food and service really awesome!

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        Bronte is on Sherbrooke st west, corner of St Mathieu ; I agree with you Richelle, it's a romantic atmosphere, and the food is divine, it's my favorite splurge place these days.

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          i would suggest pierre calvet restaurant for breakfast in old montreal just in front of church, historic and quality ambience, go out to the terrace and visit the parrots before leaving to stroll around old montreal, If you go on Sunday parking is free on street til 1pm and not such a headache to find a place in the morning but do pay the meters after that because they ticket all of old montreal regularly. I just wrote a postive note about le local restaurant but other people say bonapartes in old montreal is always a great place to eat. \

          i dont have website with me of le locale but here is some info, it certainly is french, i dont think anyone was English when i went there but staff communicated fine with us in English

          Cafe Ferreira could be a good choice too as right downtown

          and if you do go to old montreal visit this place for ice cream or even better one of their maple sugar pastries, my weakness is the shortbread cookie covered with maple icing, they have lots of quality inhouse products using maple syrup they have two locations and further down are lots of art galleries which stay open sometimes til early evening, interesting to stroll in the shops to walk off the calories from the pastries

          also il cortile is charming italian restaurant especially when its inner courtyard is open, even though on main street (1442 sherbrooke west, near museum of fine arts) the entranceway is nondescript so hard to find but well worth the find, would be nice for lunch and then i suggest you take in two wonderful free exhibits at the museum the napoleon exhibit and the john lennon and yoko Imagine exhibit, both well worth it

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            Hi Everyone! These suggestions are so wonderful. Thank you so much! What about the Beaver Club for the main anniversary dinner? Would you recommend it?

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              No. Definitely not Beaver Club. As mentioned above, you are probably best choosing from La Montee, Europea, or Club Chasse et Peche for a main anniversary dinner.

    2. you will have a great time dining around Montreal in May, here is the montreal gazettes review of ferreira published yesterday, seems to be a mixed review but it is central and a people watching place but maybe not the best for an anniversary as you probably would want a quieter ambience to celebrate this special occasion.

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        I was at Ferreira this week and I was a bit dissapointed. My previous three visits in the past 2 years were very impressive. I had the seared tuna coated in peppercorns but the peppercorn flavor was too overwhelming for the tuna which was also over-seared. It also did not help that the peppercorns were incorporated deep into the flesh of the fish such that any attempt to remove them led to crumbling of the flesh. It was a very poor dish in my opinion considering the usual quality of their kitchen.

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          We've moved comments regarding the reviewer at the Gazette to the Food Media and News board. Please continue the discussion of newspaper articles there:

        2. i would suggest cafe des eclusiers at 400 de la commune (below, on waterfront) across from silos west of touristy part of old montreal but walking distance, or park on street. Ambience is great, i dont know about their beerlist as we have mixed drinks or wine but you can sit at bar, or partitioned sections, or on beachchairs high up on catwalk overlooking les ecluses -the locks where boats are coming through to old montreal, hanging chairs, two beds also hanging from catwalk. We have been several times but only during day, i hear it can be lively in evening. There are meals but i would go there for drinks and then to some of the better restaurants already suggested above and avoid the touristy ones. Le locale restaurant is near this bar and is bistro in look with delicious food.

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            I take back my glowing rec for Bronte; my husband took 2 business guests from Houston there on tuesday night and had a less than stellar experience, 2 items were unavailable from their limited menu ( no white fish available!) , service was very slow and their food was blah.
            so that one's crossed off our list forever, that's the way we are.