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Apr 21, 2009 12:05 AM

Melodia Grill in souderton

Found my latest copy of the Trend lodged in my hedge but all snug and dry in a plastic bag. Good thing too, because Mitch reviewed Melodia Grill, a new place right on broad street and it sounds intriguing. He gave it mmm 3/4 out of five so I want to check it out. Anyone been?

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  1. was there a few weeks ago for dinner. staff was very nice.. food was good! I would certainly try it again. Everyone's dinner was good except mine.. but I ordered wrong... definitely worth a try to see what you think.. general tso's chicken was very good, duck rolls were good, tuna was good.. it's got kind of a blended menu.. but it's interesting and worth the effort.

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      Awesome! I might swing by there for lunch on friday, thanks for the info!

    2. Reader beware - stay away from this place...High priced and bad service

      I went there a couple of months ago and will never go back. We had to wait forever to be waited on and then after ordering it took a long time for the food to arrive (OK, good food takes time, but...) and when it did only half of us got our food. After 10 minutes went by, we asked when the others would get their food and the waiter looked at us like we had 2 heads. Interestingly when I went to work a couple days later a co-worker said he saw me eating there and asked what I thought. When I told him, he agreed, as he had the same experiance.

      I filled out the comment card and never heard back. Probibly went into the round file because it was not positive.

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        thanks for the warning, although Mitch's review didn't put me in my car headed to Souderton.

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          Yeah thanks for the info, in today's economy I don't feel like gambling that it has somehow gotten better.

        2. i had been to the melodia grill last fall and had a bad experience with the service, but the food was so good that, at the urging of a friend, i decided to go back a couple weeks ago. i was pleasantly surprised at how different my experience was. the new manager was very nice and professional and informed me that they have had a recent turnover in staff that appears to be for the better. i had the honey ginger salmon which was excellent and a pear pastry appetizer that was very good as well. everything was very fresh. i didn't have to wait nearly as long for my food. its hard to justify spending money on eating out in today's economy, especially the pricier places, but if you are going to do so you might as well seek out quality. i feel better supporting places that serve local and organic food as this place apparently does.

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            Thanks for posting. This place is not too far from me and I have a celebration coming up. Might give it a chance thanks to your review.

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              My wife and I stopped there for lunch and had a very enjoyable meal. My wife ordered a soup she did not like and it was exchanged for another soup with absolutely no problems. She had a chicken dish and I had a wrap and both were really good. Portions are very large - she took about 1/2 of her chicken home. We both thought the service was great. I'm posting this, going on for a certificate and calling for a dinner reservation for next week. We'll be back with a nice bottle of wine. This is a great find in Souderton!

            2. Just tried this place tonight. Excellent food. I was pleasantly surprised to finally find a local place of this quality. Highly recommended.

              1. My husband and I stopped by Melodia Grill last night on a way to a meeting we had near Souderton. We were not expecting much, but were very pleasantly surprised. There is nothing in or near Souderton so our expectations were beyond met when we walked into this restaurant. Granted, it was a Wednesday night, so service might be much slower on a busy Friday or Saturday - but the service was excellent; the food was delicious; and the prices were reasonable.

                Pleasantly surprised and will indeed go back.

                Melodia Cafe
                664 E Broad St, Souderton, PA 18964

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                  My wife & I have been back for dinners a few times since our lunch there last summer. I haven't had anything I didn't like. The service can slow down a little if you hit a night where a few groups of 8-10 or more are dining there. I also appreciate the fact that it BYOB! We'll be back!