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Apr 20, 2009 09:57 PM

Fun Atmosphere for 20th male BDay

Any ideas?? We've did Bucca Di Bepos, any other ideas? I was thinking Beni Hanas...We want decent food, but the atmosphere and fun is most important. Not big on club or drinking, more of a family place. Other great Teppanyaki, Kaizuka? Which is a funner atmosphere?

My Son's Bday is April 24th. Thank you.

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  1. Went to Beni Hana-
    You are rushed in and out
    Chefs knife acrobats, not so much
    If you like onions, this is the place for you!

    Party of 4 Ordered:
    Chicken/steak combo, all meat is diced up and shared, you dont get as much as you might think, unless you order Yakisoba.
    Teriyaki Steak, very moist, tasty and melt in your mouth
    Lobster Tail (not) and Steak combo
    Yakisoba and chicken
    Imperfect "special" of the night sushi, "fake crab" crunch roll
    Split pineapple for birthday, sing song $3.50 extra per person in party, oh, and 4x6 photo.

    The lobster tail were pcs of lobster thrown in a lobster tail, nothing special for $42
    The steak was great quality, you dont get much
    Lots of mushrooms and onions
    Pay extra for nasty onion fried rice.
    Drinks, (2) non-alc daquiris, (2) pops and (1) ice-tea (instant BRISK)
    Total= $190 plus tip (Husband wanted a bagel dog at the mall following...)

    Will never, ever go again. EVEN IF SOMEONE ELSE PAYS! Staff is not willing to change menu AT ALL!