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Apr 20, 2009 09:35 PM

Solo dining at Esca

I'm going to be in New York for two nights in mid-May, by myself. I will go to Degustation one night and get the 10 course tasting menu, which sounds fantastic - and since the entire restaurant is essentially a bar, I won't feel guilty about taking up a two top all by myself. The other night, I wanted to have seafood (but not sushi) and was thinking about Esca. Do they have a decent sized bar where I can sit and eat, or is the bar area not designed for eating? And do they have a separate bar-only menu or can I get the full menu at the bar? I'm fine sitting at a table by myself and not self-conscious (and I'll be going well after the theater crowd departs), but I do hate to take up a two top where the waiter could be doing much better than just me, so I generally prefer eating at the bar. Or, if anyone has any other good seafood suggestions that are in a similar price range to Esca, I'd appreciate hearing about them. I'm staying in midtown but will go pretty much anywhere in Manhattan that is reachable by subway.

Many thanks in advance.

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  1. Im no fan of Esca, I sat at a table so I;m not sure if they have a bar, but its not a place i;s want to eat at the bar. The food isnt all that good either, For eating sea food alone. Pearl oyster bar, or mary;s fish camp are perfect. Degustation tapas bar has several seafood options. Kyo ya has two bars to have japanese cooked dishes. Of course sushi is the best food if youre alone, at 15 east or kanoyama,, many chowhounders like yasuda .

    1. Esca has a bar "area" we were seated at last time we went there. There was a solo diner next to us that ate more than our four top combined - it was pretty awesome. Some crudos and pastas are excellent IMHO! See my friend's review for more info:

      1. My brother and I stopped in for a late-ish night "snack" at Esca once and sat at the bar. I really enjoy the food there and found the bar a comfortable and fun place to eat.

        1. The bar area at Esca is pretty small maybe six seats. If someone is sitting or waiting to be seated, the bartender will ask them for the seat if you want to eat at the bar. The menu at the bar is the same as in the dinning room.
          The menu can be a little tough to understand, if you have any issues, ask the bartender. A little guidence will goes a long way.

          1. You definitely can have a meal at the bar. Nice service, great crudo. I had dinner alone there when my husband had a work crisis and could not make it, they could not have been more accommodating.