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Who has a great one? So far Bitondos is good, but a tad overpriced given that it's only sauce and cheese. Give me an oily heartstopper with some pepperoni!

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  1. Over priced? Isn't it six bucks or something like that?

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      It is six bucks. But it has nothing but sauce and cheese. To me that's a bit expensive for what you get. I don't know if it's fair to compare it to a slice, but I wouldn't pay $6 for a cheese slice. Still, it's really good.

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        It's the size of two slices and 3 bucks each for a slice isn't expensive. Plus you're not just paying for sauce and cheese. Someone has to cook it in something in a place somewhere. Those cost money.

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          Does a panzerotti contain the materials equal to two slice sized slices of pizza? I'm not challenging you, I honestly don't know. And I am aware that there are other non ingrediant costs involved.

    2. I haven't had one in years - but Bene's Pizza at Coxwell & Queen was my ultimate indulgence... cheap and enormous - they were $4 then and you could customize them but then the cost adds up - deep fried deliciousness....

      1. Panzerotti Tuesdays at Mortys in Waterloo! Like 3 or 4 bucks, major good deal

        You can choose between baked or fried and all the stuffings

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          The best that i've had in the city is at Dave's Gourmet Pizza at 730 St. Clair Ave. W. Simply the best.

        2. Roma Ristorante at Bloor and Dufferin makes a damn fine panz, but the real heartstopper is hands-down Tony and Nick's on Dundas just east of Dufferin. Huge. Greasy. Tasty. Cheap.

          1. I would say Cafe Diplomatico at College/Clinton. They are over the top delicious, bordering on too much cheese, but definitely magnificent. Ask for a side of extra sauce.

            1. I've always enjoyed the panzerotti at San Francesco's. They're made to order so be prepared to wait.

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                I have fond memories of San Fran's panzis from my youth in Mississauga. Note to self; must revisit.

              2. I've had good luck with Panzerotto Pizza, 1062 Kingston Rd. on the north side just east of Victoria Park Ave. I order the deluxe panzerotto with cheese, pepperoni and mushrooms for 4.95 I believe. I always ask them to bake, not deep fry it, and they do it well. Usually I phone ahead and order - 416 690-6669.

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                  I'm no expert as I eat a panzerroti maybe once every three years but last week I had a good one from Ciccios on Dundas. We used to enjoy their pizza but it's been pretty bad the last couple of times we ordered so we tried the panzerrottis instead. It was baked, not fried so I don't know if that's a deal breaker.

                2. I haven't tried too many places, but I always go back to Abruzzo Pizza in Richmond Hill. You have a choice of fried or baked. I prefer fried with the meat sauce on the side. Very good.

                  1. A bit pricier than the take-out spots, but I really like the panzerotti at Ferraro 504 on Eglinton west, and at Standard Club on College st. It's got to be those wood-burning ovens (Ferraro has especially tasty dough, as well). I believe both places serve the homemade tomato sauce on the side, so the crust doesn't get too soggy. For take-away, I always liked Massimo's on College, but they drizzled it with garlic oil, so it's not for everyone. Haven't tried Ciccio's, but I've always been a fan of their pizzas, so I'll bet their panzerotto is also good.

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                      I also like Ferraro. Ferraro gets absolutely no love on Chowhound sadly, I’ve waged a losing a battle for it here, haha, but I think for what it is, it’s damn good.

                    2. A good fried calzone is hard to find.

                      1. Pizzaville and Pizza Pizza are the best that I have found. Deep fried pizza goodness.

                        1. Here in California, you can only find Calzones. My wife is from the East Coast and hates them. She loves Panzerotti. I just took time to learn the difference (Panzerotti is deep fried). I wish I had one now!