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Apr 20, 2009 09:04 PM

recent visits to Tomi-Kro, in the last 4 months?

Has anyone visited Tomi Kro recently? How has the food been?

1214 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M1L7, CA

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  1. Three words...Less Than Stellar.

    I can't remember much because it really was unmemorable.

    Octopus Ceviche - The surrounding gazpacho was far too acidic, and the octopus itself tasted as if it was cured in a brine similar to that of pickled herring.

    Lobster Maki Ball - Waywayway too much mayo, and not crispy on the outside. It tasted more like a seafood ball and not lobster, so I doubt it was fresh.

    The most enjoyable parts of the meal were the veg and the foie brulee.

    This used to be my favourite place on the strip, and all I can remember thinking from my last experience is how much happier I would have been eating one block further east at Gio Ranna.

    Sorry Tomi-Kro...there will be more chances

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    1. re: dlw88

      Looks like nothing has changed then. Gio's continues to be the best bet of all of them. Unless of course you have a hankering for the foie brulee as dlw88 states above. Tomi Kro's is mighty tasty.

      1. re: millygirl

        Nice to see Gios has expanded. Should ease the wait times

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        Thanks for your comments, dlw88.

      3. Anyone been there lately? Has the food improved.

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          just been to. food was actually surprisingly good with one exception of lobster-maki-ball. would have like more crunch to the outer layer, like arancini, perhaps. but the mains (scallops, lamb) was excellent and dessert was tad-bit-old-fashioned (flourless chocolate cake) but great.

          only problem i had was with the service. my server was a bit too self-conscious and i think there's a point when one feels rather chided (as child) rather than served, which i find somewhat uneasy. but i suppose it became laughable when she couldnt add the right bottle to the right table bill. was glad to double check before leaving.

          had anyone else had this problem of being charged for the non-existent bottle of vino on table in this town?

          1214 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M1L7, CA