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Apr 20, 2009 08:28 PM

Saint Honore/1st arrondissement eating and shopping?

My wife and I are going to Paris for the 3rd time in May.
We will be staying at Le Relais St Honore Hotel in the 1st Arrondoissment in Paris on Rue St Honore.

Is there any place we absolutely need to eat at or shop at in the area around our hotel?

We are going to be staying there..we tend to walk a lot...and want to know good places to eat or boulangerie that we should not miss in the 1st..or within walking distance of where we are staying?

Mahalo and thank you to all in advance.


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  1. L'Ardoise in the Rue de Mont Thabor - prix fixe on 34 euros. Delicious and consistently so wine list predominantly Burgundy and the chef trained at the Tour d'Argent......very very good and more atmosphere than when it first opened!

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      I second L'Ardoise.

      If you're into soufflés, there's also Le Soufflé on the same street (Rue du Mont-Thabor).

    2. Check Julien as far as bakery is concerned. Also there is the market in rue Montorgeuil that has a lot of good things. Chez Denise, as I'm sure Delucacheesemonger will confirm, is a pretty unique experience. And of course you have all the Japanese wonders in rue Sainte-Anne. Gérard Besson if you're interested in really traditional French fine food (also a specialist of game and truffle, but you'll be off season for both).

      1. As Souphie said l would, Chez Denise is a wonderful boisterous bistro in the first on Rue Prouvaire off St Honore, entrance just across street from Boulangerie Julien down towards Les Halles area. If you walk the other way towards the Opera area, go to Rue Capucines, not Blvd Capucines, for hot chocolate at Steiger-Constantine, my single favorite food thing in Paris.

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          We too will be in Paris in this area for a week in May -- renting on Rue du Mont-Thabor. Do we need reservations at Souffle? I'd love to have that as my go-to place the night we arrive from London but I haven't a clue whether we can just walk right in about about 8:30. Any advice?

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            I highly recommend a reservation for Le Soufflé, especially for dinner. It would be too bad, if you couldn't get in.

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              I am happy to say that after posting my question, I decided to try their web site. They confirmed my request by return e-mail. Couldn't have been simpler. I'm emboldened to do more reserving. Thanks.

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                Thanks to this post, we ate dinner at Le Souffle ( asparagus souffle and apple souffle with Calvados for me; a cheese souffle and strawberry souffle for my spouse). Fun meal -- English was spoken by tables around me, but none by native speakers. No Americans for sure.

                Again thanks to this post, we ate lunch at L'Ardoise which was not quite full and therefore comfortable. (I peeked in another night and it was too packed for me for me to want to repeat.) I ate every morsel of my rabbit stuffed with delicious morsels, served in small roll ups. Yum. Spouse ordered Hangar steak --huge portion. Enough (etiquette aside) to ask for it to be wrapped up for a picnic on the Seine the next day. They wrapped it well, with graciousness. I also recommend around the corner (4 Rue St. Honore) Chez Flottes, a family owned Brasserie which got an award last year for the best Brasserie in Paris. Good for breakfast. We also had lunch -- a lovely room with friendly service. The food is not mind blowing but after a walk across Paris or a long museum trek it was very welcoming.

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            My partner and I tried to go to Steiger-Constantine in March, but it was closed, seemingly permanently. Any updates would be appreciated.

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              Left Paris last in November and it was my last taste. l am heartsick if it is indeed closed.
              Perhaps Souphie can check for us.

          3. We had a very good dinner last week at the beautiful, previously stratospherically expensive seafood restaurant "Goumard" on Rue Duphot which is right off of St. Honoré as you walk towards Place Madeleine. A short while back they rethought their concept and in accordance with the economy and trend away from palatial atmosphere and pricing reduced their prices drastically. You must make a visit to the rest rooms.

            1. Notes from Paris.....

              We are staying at the Le Relais St-Honore Hotel. It's a nice small place, with very nice rooms, and a very helpful staff. We will stay here again.

              Had dinner tonight (Sunday) at L'Ardoise. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. My wife had asparagus with a basalmic vinegarette, roast pigeon with fresh peas, and a fresh raspberries, strawberries with ice cream. I had a foie gras pate with an applesauce on the side, a grilled steak (flank steak), potatoes Anna, and a creme brulee. Dinner was just sublime.

              We did have lunch at Chez Denise....it was excellent as well.

              Disappointing was Chez Clovis for lunch. It was just lack luster, meal and service were mediocre.

              Side notes, the baguette at Boulangerie Gosselin....freakin awesome.

              Ramen at Sapporo.....pretty good.
              Ramen at Higuma.....very good, but a bit salty. Gyozas were pretty darn tasty as well.

              One more day here....we will see what tasty treats await us.