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Apr 20, 2009 08:06 PM

Need help with Restaurant Itinerary

My husband and I are going to New Orleans for his 40th birthday. I have developed an itinerary, but need some help. First of all, we are going on a budget. We want to splurge on 1-2 big meals, but otherwise hope to stay in the low to mid range for food. We are staying in the quarter and would like to stay nearby for most meals. So, what do you think? What could be changed to make this better? Thanks for your help!
We will be arriving Thursday late afternoon, May 7.

Thursday dinner Stella or Cuvee

Friday breakfast Elizabeths

Friday Lunch Johnnys Po Boys

Sat dinner Eat

Sat breakfast Café du Monde

Sat Lunch Bayona

Sat dinner Casamentos Oysters light dinner?

Sun brunch Commanders Palace

Sun dinner ?
Leaving Monday morning, could use a quick breakfast suggestion

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  1. For your Thursday dinner, I'd opt for Stella! over Cuvée, but that is based on my personal experiences. Maybe do Cuvée for Sunday dinner, if they are open.

    What are you doing Friday night - the birthday?

    Have you dined at Galatoire's?

    I am a big fan of The Original Coffee Pot (formerly Maxie's on St Peter, just up from Pat O'Brian's) for breakfast. However, you seem to have breakfasts covered pretty well, and with brunch at CP, you will not want to dine earlier that day.

    Have a safe and enjoyable trip,


    1. Stella's one of the few places open on sunday, so you might consider it for that night. Get the venison if you go.

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        Good point, and one that I had not considered.


      2. So, I still need a Thursday night dinner suggestion hopefully something not too pricey if possible. Thoughts? Does everything else look good or is there anything else that I should change. I had to move Commanders to Friday, because Sat and Sun are booked. Do you know if Eat takes reservations? Looks like I have to wait until May 1 to make reservations at Bayona. Is there usually a long wait for any of the other places? Thanks!

        Arrive Thursday dinner ?
        Friday breakfast light breakfast somewhere
        Friday Lunch Commanders Palace 1:00
        Fri dinner Eat
        Sat breakfast Café du Monde
        Sat Lunch Bayona
        Sat dinner Casamentos
        Sun Breakfast Elizabeths
        Sun lunch Johnny’s Po Boys
        Sun dinner Stella 6:30

        Leaving Monday morning breakfast at The Original Coffee Pot

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          EAT does take reservations and it's a great choice...very good and reasonably priced...especially since it's BYOB.

          For dinner I'd highly recommend Lola....also BYOB for a $5 cork fee.

          For your last breakfast..Petunias!!!!!!!