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Apr 20, 2009 07:09 PM

HELP..on 19th bday dinner

Hi guys, I need your help on deciding where to have my 19th bday dinner...So we are probably going to be a fairly large group (10-12)...which is why I'm having a hard time picking where to go..I want somewhere that has a nice or trendy atmosphere with a menu that could cater to different tastes...I was thinking of a 20-30$ range...

I was thinking of Decca77..have never been but seems really nice
Holders seems also good for a large group...
Pino too since its on crescent...
l'Académie was suggested by a friend but..I wasnt too fond of the food

Any help would be great!

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  1. If you want loud and energetic atmosphere, I believe that Holder can deliver that (over Pino). Although I do not mind the food at Pino, Holder's is a tad better. Personally, I also like Ouzeri (on St-Denis) a lot (trendy atmosphere) especially for groups, and it definetely cheaper than Holder and Pino. Very good wine selection as well and the prices are not outrageous.

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      humm thanks never heard of Ouzeri you have any suggestions for somewhere on St-Laurent Street?

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        Ouzeri Is a good restaurant it's kinda like Tapas style Greek portions. I went with a large group for my 25th Birthday and we all enjoyed our food. Another fun restaurant for a 19th birthday is BOTTEGA on St Zotique. It's fun and young and very well priced. Plus they have really amazing desserts and homemade Gilato.

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          I've let it slip a few times... It is gElato.

          As for recommendations for the OP. You are being ambiguous as to what it is that you are looking for. If you are looking for a place on St. Laurent or Crescent exclusively, dare I say that you are looking in the wrong place?

          Based on my impressions, I think you would be disappointed by Holder's or Decca 77 as they do not have the "vibe" that you are seeking. Pino and L'Academie are not institutions that merit they be recognized so much as possibilities.

          On the other hand, a restaurant like Le Local or Garde-Manger in Old Montreal might fit the bill although they do force you to stray a bit from Crescent and St. Laurent. Not necessarily a bad thing...

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            Both Le Local and Garde Manger would be a minimum of double the OP's requested price range even with very moderate alcohol consumption.

    2. Au pied de cochon would be a good choice too, but 20-30 including alcohol or just food itself?

      1. If you don't mind eating late Leméac has a really nice $22 menu after 10 p.m. This would fit in your budget as long as you're not including alcohol in the total.

        The $22 includes an appetizer and a main dish. To save even more dough you could probably bring your own birthday cake which they will serve to your table, though I would call first to be sure, since there may be a fee for this service (another chowhound may be able to confirm whether this is a possibility.)

        The best part is I've notice the crowd gets younger after 10 o'clock, and the atmosphere is nice - sophisticated yet relaxed. I would prefer it over Decca77 which to be honest seemed a little stuffy to me, though I had a nice quiet meal there.

        I agree that Ouzeri would be a good option as well. There seems to be a lot of groups celebrating birthdays there, the food is really good and the prices afordable.

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