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Apr 20, 2009 07:00 PM

SPIN on the Queensway

Went to a relatively new place at Queensway and Islington called SPIN. A crepe and waffle place, for main dinner courses and of course desserts. I really enjoyed my meal - I had a nice Thai Chicken crepe and then for dessert, had a dulce de leche crepe. Both were very tasty! My dinner date also enjoyed her meal. I believe that the official opening is in May, and they told us that they plan on having an outdoor patio on the sidewalk facing the theatres adn the Queensway. It's got a funky atmosephere and apparently, all of the menu items are named after records, hence SPIN. Now, I've just heard that, but it seemed to make sense with the menu.

I did find it somewhat pricey, however, so be prepared. The food is cooked fresh and it was a nice meal.

Hopefully, this place will stay as I think it adds to the character of this neighbourhood!

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  1. I didn't like it. I had a waffle there and it was chewy and not crispy. The other choices didn't seem too appetizing either. They've been open for about a month now. Hopefully by the time they "officially" open they would've turned things around. So far, the only thing the place has going for it are the late hours.