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Raw Carne Asada to BBQ

I would love to pick up some marinated Carne Asada to put on the BBQ. Does anyone know of an outstanding market or butcher shop that sells great Carne?

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  1. There are NUMEROUS existing threads on this exact topic. Using the search function will reveal a lot of hits, but if you tell us where you live, we might be able to suggest some direct hits...

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      Los Toros in Rosemead has a good selection of great meats for grilling.
      Corner of San Gabriel & Garvey.

      Los Toros Meat Market
      8210 Garvey Ave, Rosemead, CA

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        I'm sorry I should have put that in my post. I live on the Westside of LA. I would be interested in anything in, say a 10-15 mile radius.

      2. I go to the one that the Hungry Detective, on the Food Channel, did a review on. It's a market located on Western and Torrance Blvd, south east corner in Torrance. They have a variety of marinated meats and chicken in different marinades. Plus they have good tacos.

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          Great place!

          Los Paisas
          21168 S Western Ave, Torrance, CA 90501

        2. You may want to indicate what area you are looking in so you can get recs close to you.
          I always go to La Esquina Meat Market - I pick up both the carne asada and chicken when I have a BBQ and everyone raves. Their homemade salsas are great as well... the green is hotter than the red.
          Off Ave 26 on the 110.
          3301 Division St (totally residential, but you are in the right place)
          LA, CA 90065
          (323) 221-1571
          Open 8am-8pm, 7 days a week.
          Cash & CC only - no checks.

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            We are regular customers at La Esquina, which is quite good for both carne asada and chicken. (They also manage to have the best avocados -- and their tortilla chips are thin and excellent, made by a local producer whose name I've forgotten. The red salsa is incredible.)

            But I recently tried La Venadita in Carson and was really, really impressed. What a great, clean, well-stocked market! I think their carne asada beat out La Esquina's, and I've been meaning to go back to try their salsas and many other meats. They have a guacamole that looked pretty tasty too, though I prefer to make my own.

            La Venadita Meat Market
            22035 Main St, Carson, CA

          2. Taqueria Sanchez on Inglewood in Culver City

            1. Dona Linda Market in Pasadena, corner of Allen and Villa

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                Second this rec... although, slight correction on the name: Linda Rosa Market (it's in the alley way behind the store fronts on Allen/Villa).

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                  I drive by it quite often and wondered about it. What else do they have (aside from regular market items)? Thanks!

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                    Considering the size of the place, they have a good variety in the meat market case. Marinated Meats and Chicken (and non-marinated as well). Decent Queso Fresco, etc... Very small grocery section, with great prices on fixin's for guacamole. :) They also have a small indian aisle (with curry powders, lentils, etc). The 'meat market' is really the draw - everything is pretty standard 'mom & pop store stuff. I think I remember seeing some bulk nut and bean bins. The owners are extremely nice.

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                  yes, agreed. a standard for our football tailgate parties. they recently changed management a few months ago. Carniceria is the same...they still carry lots of Latin American goods (salsas, dried beans), an interesting produce selection(e.g. South American bananas, and plaintains, chiles) as well as Persian spices.

                3. This place is really good. It's right off the corner of Huntington Drive and Eastern in El Sereno. Don't be fooled by the look of it, the carne asada is awesome. I get it all the time, but when I bring it home I dump a good beer in it to help marinate it for a few hours.

                  La Tapatia
                  3319 N Eastern Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90032

                  1. My Albertson's, of all places, has good/decent carne asada for the grill. Check out your local.

                    1. You need to drive to El Monte for asada, chips and salsa.. With flap-meat asada it is all about the marinade. See my post below. This place has two bins full of marinaded meat. Buy the higher priced one and you will be very happy. Last summer we would buy enough to freeze for 4 or 5 more meals and you should buy extra also becausde you will love this marinade. Follow the directions in the link below.


                      1. Since the topic is up, I'd be curious to know how others feel about my go-to place, La Pradera. I find it pretty tasty, but have not tried many others. Does it belong among these others listed here?

                        La Pradera Market
                        3218 Santa Anita Ave, El Monte, CA

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                          My three sons and I do taste test of asada, chips, salsa and guacamole several times each summer.. We have tried many and usually three at a time when we do a taste test. We have tried La Pradera and liked it but we like the asada from El Caney Market more. The marinade is what makes the difference. In fact, I recently stopped eating meat and two weeks ago we got together for some grilling and I had grilled viggies while they had asada from El Caney Market. One of my boys put the veggies in a bag with some of that marinade and the result was truly great grilled veggie burritos. I will be asking the counter guy to sell me a bag of the marinade next time we do some grilling. We still stop at La Pradera for what we have concluded is the best guacamole then we head over to Los Toros Meat Market for the bags of fresh made chips and what we feel is the best salsa. See my post above for the link with the address.