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Apr 20, 2009 05:54 PM

Chronic Taco in West LA

For those of you who have tried the delicious mini-chain Chronic Taco in Orange County I have good news. The first LA outpost of Chonic Taco has opened in West LA. It is in a gas station on Santa Monica Boulevard, just West of the 405. I have not tried it yet, but wondered if any of you have...

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  1. Bleh... Overpriced and not very tasty. It's like the other chain Mexican food places. Everything cooked way in advance. The enchiladas are made as you order them. Filling wrapped in a small tortilla covered in sauce and microwaved, Ugh. Why would anyone go there when there are so many really good Mexican places around.

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    1. re: Dad4Three

      Agreed on all points. Chronic taco has to be the most overrated mexican fast food I have tasted down here. The tortillas taste like mission tortillas from the grocery store, nachos were soggy, meat was not tasty. Bleh. Overall, very disappointed. I'd rather go to Albertos, Robertos, Alertos or any other -ertos for mexican food that wil be a few dollars cheaper and tastes 100 times better.

      1. re: jaypeezy

        Never been to the new one -- I don't go to the Westside as a rule -- but the Chronic Tacos in Newport Beach makes the potato tacos (the best item they have) à la minute, which means if you ask nicely they'll put cheese inside instead of on top and ohhhhhhhhhhhhh man.

    2. Honestly Chronic Taco is just something to eat when you are at Chronic Cantina downing a beer or smoking some tree. That is the only time I actually eat these tacos, when I am planted in front of a plasma watching the Lakers play while I get tanked.

      1. The 'chronic' moniker has great greaseball/redneck appeal. It doesn't matter to them if the food is that good.