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Apr 20, 2009 05:48 PM

Breakfast and Lunch options in Vegas


So I am looking over the board and need a couple recommendations for Breakfast and Lunch options that are not buffets. Hopefully, these places won't break the bank.

I did see Mon Ami Gabi and thought that would be a great place for either meal. Any other suggestions? We are staying at The Palms.

Oh, we may try that Garduno's on Sunday (yes... the Mexican buffet)....any insight?


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  1. I would not waste my time or money at Gardunos. There are much better brunchs in Las Vegas. You may want to try Simons at the Palms new tour called Palms Place. You do nor mention how much you want to spend or if you will have a car. Palm steakhouse at the Forum Shops at Caesars has a very good business man's lunch for about twenty dollars per person.

    1. I loved the breakfast at House of Blues, Mandalay Bay, but like the other poster said, no mention if you have a car or transit, we used the monorail for our stay.

      1. bouchon
        four seasons veranda
        lots of posts in southwest board on both of these

        1. Cafe Bellagio is a great place. My favorite is their lobster omelette. (Big chunks of lobster). I think the price is $16. Don't order a glass of OJ; it'll set you back $7. Bouchon has a great breakfast too. Depends on where you're staying.

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            Two years ago I ordered pineapple juice and soda at the Wynn, they charged me $14. Thank goodness it was a business trip and my husband's company paid for it.

          2. Thanks for the suggestions. We will not have a have a car and are not planning on renting one. We are actually staying at Palms Place, so we will check out Simons. We aren't looking to break the bank for Breakfast or Lunch options.

            Any other suggestions? Thanks!!!

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              Even without a car, you are not that far of a stroll from the "Chinatown" area on Spring Mountain, which opens the door to a wide variety of Asian cuisines, with almost all of them at reasonable price points. If you have any particular favorites from that spectrum, you will find a lot of suggestions from this board.

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                Rent a car for a day. It is worth the expense. two cab rides to and from the Palms equate to teh cost of a midsize.
                Hard to get lost in Vegas, you may discover the odd gem.
                On my last trip I had Tacos in a Mexican grocery store. Very authentic. Check it here:


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                  i am not a fan of the palm's eating establishments, not sure when you will be here, but it's starting to warm upo so you have to be careful about the heat when it comes to transportation ( walking/bus ) - you can walk across the street to gold coast for dim sum at ping pang pong.. There's a strip mall directly across from palms place - a couple decent lunch spots - pasta mia and thai spice.

                  any cab ride from the Palms to most of the strip options will cost you at least $15-$20 round trip.

                  if you are willing to take a bus, i have several other options for you on Flamingo - are you up for that ?