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Apr 20, 2009 05:38 PM

Imperial Seafood Restaurant, Concord

I searched but didn't see any results that matched this resto Name/location.I apologize if this has been covered.
I had a surprisingly nice dim sum breakfast Sunday @ Imperial Seafood on Willow Pass Rd. We did Pork Spare Ribs(my particular favorite), Shrimp/Chive Dumpling, Shrimp/Scallop Dumpling, regular pan fried pork dumpling & Shanghai Dumpling.

I was happy with everything.

The Shanghai D. was a little less soupy than at Shanghai in Oakland but piping hot and texturally nice. Lots of good black bean in the ribs, the flavor of all the fillings was fresh and lovely, poppy(as in pops in your mouth, snappy)-textured. Everything was hot.

My main complaint and, I am sure, this will be a deal breaker for some, was that on both the shrimp dumplings the wrapper was a bit thick for my tastes. I just removed what I didn't want to eat. No problem. I think the quality is on par with East Ocean in Alameda.

They do both carts and carry through trays. The table next to us was doing lots of ordering and seemed to be getting some great looking offal and fried items that I did not see on the carts or trays. They had a few tripe dishes come by, which you sometimes don't see. I appreciated that. Chicken feet looked great but I was full :( & my DC doesn't like them. A crazy person, obviously.

The servings seemed really generous and I think we spent like 24 bucks with the tip. I was full & happy.

They also have duck & BBQ pork for sale by the pound-which may please some Contra Costa residents who want to cook Duck Noodle Soup or whatever at home without making the meat.

Imperial Seafood is across the street from my favorite open air strip mall so double plus! "99 Cent only" Indian spice shop and one of the only Bahn Mi in town? SCORE. Montanas Carniceria, AND a funny used book store? Good times.

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  1. Super, report, m! Especially appreciate the comparisons to Shanghai and East Ocean, helps me place the style and standard. Have you moved to CoCo now?

    Imperial Seafood
    1680-G Willow Pass Road, Concord, CA

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Hi Melanie!
      Still in Oakland but eyeing CoCo for a house. I am totally surprised by the variety & quality of food in Concord/WC and Pleasant Hill. Who knew? AND you get your "Full Sun" out there which is ideal for my dreams of growing my own food. Here in Piedmont, next to the redwoods, no six hours of sun, unfortunately. Or maybe fortunately depending on your desires.

      1. re: mmerino

        Yes, there is chow life on the other side of the tunnel! Concord/Pleasant Hill has a lot to explore, and you're the right gal for the job.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          MMerino, there are lots of yummy places in the area. Have you tried Fiore on Clayton Rd almost right next to Kmart? Fantastic food, and you'd never know you were by Kmart.

    2. Do they have dim sum every day?